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What Does Leadership Mean to you in the Modern Day Corporate Environment?

Organizations big or small, everywhere around the world, leadership plays an important role. 

Without good leadership qualities, you can’t excel and you can’t earn the profits that you’ve sought out for. Businesses need strong emblems, people who can stand steadfast at the time of adversity and tackle problems coming their way in a very professional manner. Everywhere such an emblem is required. 

What is a Leader? 

A leader is a person who takes the responsibility of leading a crew. Alongside leading, he is responsible for every action that his/her team make and he is answerable to everything, good or bad. 

Everything that a leader does, defines the fate of the people who are working underneath him. If a company fails to achieve its set targets and goals, it is because of the ineffectiveness of its leader. 

You can’t blame the economy and you certainly can’t blame the market, it is the inability of a leader. 

What does leadership mean to you? Here’s a question that I would love to answer. 

A good example of leadership to me and the rest is, 

  1. If your leader is kind and gentle and has a firm approach and grasp of what he’s trying to achieve, it gives you the ability to behave and act just the way he is seeking you to perform and act. 
  2. If you have a positive influence in the workplace, it will have a positive effect on the staff who is working for you and relatively, they will start delivering positive news and positive results. 

The Importance of Listening in Today’s Leadership

Nowadays, leaders are required to listen to everyone’s input and give feedback on their presented solutions. Irrespective of whether you’re listening to the youth or the seniors, gaining fresh views can give them a positive boost and also give you many important ideas on how to progress forward. 

Dennis Meadows, Professor Emeritus and Director of the Institute for Policy and Social Science at the University of New Hampshire, U.S. recently spoke about modern-day leadership at a forum saying: 

“We need leadership in the next decade and we’ll find it. If you want to be a great leader, don’t imagine you’re going to find a way that makes everybody happy.”

Leadership today is all about keeping an open approach towards the right and correct solution. There might be countless decisions that one must make before they reached a specific goal, but as long as everyone is moving in the right direction and achieving positive change, leadership is worthwhile. 

A modern-day leader should ensure that he keeps an open mind and avoid destructive approaches. It is their responsibility to decide how they fit into different roles and how they make necessary changes.

What is Your Leadership Style? 

Just like everything else, it is important that a leader should adapt to an appropriate role if he or she wants to lead by example. As far as the leadership styles are concerned, here are the different types. 

  • Paternalistic – When a leader adopts the form of a fatherly figure, he is considered a paternalistic type leader for his/her followers. This leadership style promotes trust and loyalty among followers. 
  • Laissez-faire – When a leader allows subordinates to make their own decisions and provides his support only when it is required. Such leadership style works best when the workers are highly skilled. 
  • Authoritarian – When a leader likes to be an absolute authority and makes all the decisions, he becomes the authoritative style leader who has a strong emphasis and focuses on optimizing efficiency. 
  • Democratic – Here, the decision making is shared across a number of subordinates including the leader himself. This leadership style promotes the desires and needs of a group of members. 
  • Transformational – In this leadership style, the objective is all about transforming the number of followers. Leaders here can be charismatic, have clarity in purpose and are effective communicators. 
  • Transactional – Here, the leader is merely focused on the motivation aspect, where he motivates his subordinates and other members using the rewards or other. 

For a leader, adopting the right style defines who they are and how they have achieved whatever they have achieved. When you know that your leadership style is one of a kind and gives you a better vision, you become the kind of leader that the whole world desires. It puts you on a certain career path and enables you to make some of the lives most crucial decisions. 

Have you considered becoming a leader or are you performing your duties as an adequate leader? If yes, then what sort of leadership style are you planning to adopt? Please share your views with us. 

Demi Jenkins

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