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5 Web Design Trends that Every Designer Should Follow in the Year 2019

The world is undergoing rapid digitalization and if there is one place we are seeing some inevitable growth, it is the magnanimous world of web and graphic design. If you’re someone currently working in a design firm or associated with one in some way, I am sure you are quite aware of how important it has become to work with newer technologies and implement some innovative techniques to design. 

Tastes are always evolving and when you couple it together with working experience, then you’re bound to deliver something that goes beyond appealing. You create a masterpiece that none could’ve ever imagined! Do you want a website with a layout that not only looks fresh but also inspires your ever-growing fan club? Here are six web design trends that will leave a well-deserving afterglow. 

1) Immaculate Typography

Graphic design and web design have always been in a constant conflict that’s because, for a long time, web designers were bound in the shackles of primitive layout options and were left with nothing more than using the same aesthetics and the most basic typography. On the other hand, graphic designers had greater liberty of experimentation which gave them quite an edge in the design world.  

However, things are now drammatically changing with the new CSS Grid and Flexbox. They give modern-day designers a brilliant opportunity to create more print-like pages and some kick-ass typography tools. As a result, many web designers are now able to create oversized retro fonts of various styles and weights with complete assortment effects and deformations to add character.  

2) Web Design Machine Learning

The future is all about designs that are smart and interactive. Thanks to machine learning, a sub-field of artificial intelligence which are bringing website designs to spark up into life around the world. There are several machine learning design applications which are being utilized in web design, and some of them are as follows: 

  • Wix ADI: It is an AI-based website builder that allows users to create amazing web designs. Wix ADI is special because it gathers trendy information from social media and adds them to a website so it becomes beautiful. It helps in creating awesome website designs using machine learning algorithms.
  • Adobe Sensei: Adobe allows users to create custom workflows to create more user-friendly applications. By identifying various backgrounds, interesting illustrations, and interactive imagery, Adobe Sensei automates all repetitive tasks that are commonly utilized in the web designing process. 
  • The Grid: Another great AI-based web builder on the block is none other but the Grid. It is a tool used to create and formulate mobile responsive website designs. It takes away the hassle of web development and enables designers to quickly create a website that takes almost a minimal cost.  
  • Firedrop: This application is widely used by web designers around the world. By utilizing machine learning, constructs websites in just a matter of minutes. It has a cool AI chatbot who helps create.  

3) The Use of Bold Colors

If there is one thing which goes hand-in-hand, then it’s none other but the immaculate use of bold colors in web design. Do you know how many businesses immensely fail just because they don’t understand the psychology behind colors? 

By using bold and saturated colors, businesses create brands that outshine the rest. It allows them to stand ahead of the competition. For example, there is a brand called Bubly and it sells sparkly water. They have a remarkable website that plays with the mind of their average customer using color psychology. The brand strongly focuses on overwhelming their customers with colorful cans. 

4) Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation

Creating a responsive design isn’t all about options anymore. A website that looks great and is easy to use on mobile devices can work wonders for your business. On average, more than 90% of the overall population interact with brands using a smartphone. Such numbers are pretty self-explanatory how many individuals choose to visit your website on a smart device.  

How should one define “thumb-friendly” though? 

To answer that question, we must first explore how exactly do we use our smartphones. We normally navigate on our smartphones using our thumb; the fingers are normally wrapped around the phone giving it a strong grip, leaving your thumb to perform all the work for you.

This is what makes navigation “thumb-friendly” and it’s something which is quite trendy these days.  

5) Smart Video

Do you know that almost 80% of the marketing efforts in 2020 are going to shift towards video marketing? Smart videos are something more of a must-have for websites nowadays. People love engaging videos and it has become quite the known online marketing tool for businesses. In fact, some videos are remarkable and they entice the audience right from the moment they lay eyes upon.

By introducing smart video concepts, businesses eventually present a great opportunity which creates quite a resonating impact on the brand. In the year 2020, businesses will make the best use of videos. 

So there you go, here are 5 web design trends which I believe every designer should focus on and follow in the year 2019. Do you know some other trends which will become quite the trend?

Let us know. 

Demi Jenkins

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