20 Best Web Design Blogs of 2019-20 to Inspire Designers

When was the last time you felt inspired by a web design blog? 

Inspiration comes to all of us in many forms. It is something that keeps us sound-minded professionally and personally. Who doesn’t love to feel inspired, right? Today, I have put together an amazing list of web design blogs that will not only inspire you to become a designer but it will also feed your mind for the entire year on some of the best strategies and tactics circulating the design market. These are all such design brands which have built a remarkable image as a design site in the online world. 

We understand the value of time and we respect that you want to learn about what you think you really deserve. So without further ado, let’s begin. It is that time of the year again when you fire up your Feedly accounts and crunch your fingers to add some mind-boggling blogs on your website. 

Smashing Magazine

The first up on our list today is Smashing Magazine. Not often can you find publications such as the Smashing Magazine on the market as it publishes some of the high-quality articles in the market? There are so many blogs which publish a lot of stuff but have a very little flavor to offer. Smashing Magazine is one place where you can actually find some relevant information related to design and development. It is a great platform which hosts remarkable virtual design events and offers freebies. 


If you are searching for new inspirations when it comes to web design, Awwward is your one-stop-shop for all. Awwwards specifically lists some of the top designs circulating the Internet. You will find well-curated content on Awwwards, plentiful interviews, and resources that will help you polish up on your career. They also offer a “Site of the Day” segment where they feature some of the best designers at work. They publish their amazing work and let the whole world know what’s best. 

Web Designer Depot

If you are looking for a platform which is equally rewarding with inspirations and include some of the best techniques to web design, look no further than the Web Designer Depot. Whether you are a freelancer or you work as a full-time web design agency, this is a blog that covers quite remarkable information. With Web Designer Depot, you have the liberty to search for any design lessons you want. You will find many fun and fruitful information on this platform and you will have a great break. 

Envato Tuts+

Do you want to keep up with the latest trends in web design? Do you want to become a part of a platform which helps you learn on-the-go? Envato Tuts+ is a great web design blog that educates you on several design elements. Here you can find some fascinating tutorials, lessons on WordPress themes, and introduction to new CSS elements which you can add to your website. If you want to stay ahead of the trends, then Web Design Tuts+ is great platform to get you all warmed up and started.  


Many of us don’t know what HongKiat is. In fact, many web designers on the block hadn’t even heard about HongKiat. If you don’t know who they are, these are the guys in the web design industry whose articles rank pretty high in Google. That’s because the team at HongKiat believes in offering quality content to its user. Anything related to web design and development, you can easily find it on HongKiat. Also, the website features different content pieces published by different contributors. 

CSS Tricks

Created by Chris Coyier, CSS-Tricks is a web design and development blog which merely focuses on educating the masses on some of the best tricks in CSS. As the name suggests, it includes a variety of topics on CSS in web design. You will find interesting video and written content. Also, there’s plenty of code snippets available to add some styling effect to your website and web apps. So, I think CSS Tricks is definitely one of the best available sources for web-designers searching for CSS codes.   


It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional website designer or one who’s building a website as a hobby, DesignrFix is a web design platform who solely publish content just to entice you. Their major focus is to entertain the entire community of web designers by offering them some of the best design lessons. If you like innovation and creativity, this blog has a lot to offer. It speaks from the first-person perspective giving readers a more empathic view of the design world.


Speckyboy is a great blog which has a simplistic, clean and very straightforward design. Speckyboy is a great blog which provides a lot of information on mobile design. This is a web design platform that has been around for over a decade. You will find some of the best tips and tricks on graphic design, UI/UX studies, and some remarkable freelancing advice. Speckyboy publishes well-edited and high-quality informational content. And that’s something which makes the following blog remarkable.

Creative Bloq

Just like DesignrFix and HongKiat, Creative Bloq also focuses on publishing some of the best pieces in the design world every day. They publish quite frequently compared to other design blogs on the market. Some days they update their blogs multiple times a day, across a range of categories; therefore, on Creative Bloq, you will always have something new and fantastic to read. There are multiple highlights based on design and several other interesting news piece and elements to love. 


This is not just a blog that will only become a source of inspiration for you. Some have claimed that Invision is a great prototyping platform which brings together designers from every part of the world. It is a collaboration and workflow platform with an interesting blog page. It offers some remarkable insight for web designers. It entertains a range of categorical topics including information on modern UI/UX design, Productivity, Web Design Business Development, Design Inspiration and what not. 

Design Shack

Are you seeking a business-related article in the web design field? If that’s the case with you then Design Shack is a remarkable place to start at. It has some fairly interesting design-oriented content. The aesthetics of the website is something quite out of the blue which makes it stand apart from the rest. What I like most about Design Shack is how many interesting freelancing tips and CSS hacks the blog has to offer to its customers. Once you have subscribed, you will be able to create better designs. 

Hacking UI

Just like Invision, Hacking UI is not a blog focused website. Instead, it is an interaction design and front-end development magazine. It came into existence under the supervision of Sagi Schrieber (the designer) and David Tintner (the developer). Both of these individuals put together their heads to create a good mixture of web design & development. Through their content pieces, they aim to educate the importance of both (design & development) and how they work sequentially together. 


Now, this a brand that solely focuses on attracting web designers and developers both. Onextrapixel offers deep analysis of what’s trending and happening in the design world. They have published multiple case studies based on what works and what doesn’t. Their site includes a variety of tutorials for all those who are seeking to grow in the web design world. Although, they don’t update quite often compared to other blogs, whenever they do, they send out something that is worthy of attention.


They are quite remarkably known for their freebies and they come with some extremely awesome premium options. Designmodo is a tutorial-based resource-oriented web design blog which earns a top spot in the design world. It educates the masses on particular web design topics and dictates clients on how their ideas can work. If you want to learn about design, Designmodo is the right place to be at. Not only will you love what they have to offer but you will also get completely hooked. 


As the name suggests, WP Kube is solely focused on educating its audience on the importance of WordPress. You can find many short form/long form WordPress tutorials, how-to guides, lists on plugins, best themes to use, and a whole lot more. WP Kube is a masterpiece founded by Devesh Sharma. The site is merely focused on sharing useful information on just about everything related to WordPress. Not only will you be educated but you will also feel empowered when you read them. 

Inspired Magazine

Another great magazine which lives up to its name is Inspired Magazine. The contents of this magazine are quite interesting and you can easily find some of the best articles on life-style and creativity categories. If you are a freelancer or just simply a web design enthusiast, there is a lot in Inspired Magazine from which you can easily learn from. Do you need inspiration or do you think your creativity is going to turn to dry anytime soon? well just head on to the Inspired Magazine website.

Design Reviver

The first and foremost rule of every designer is to adopt a reflective approach. They prefer to take a look at their work and find the good in it. If you follow Design Reviver, this blog is where you can gain the maximum inspiration. It not only showcases the typical ideas of the people but it also addresses some meaningful design content. As a new design enthusiast, you can actually find a career path for yourself on Design Reviver. It offers some great tools to work with and you get to publish reviews too.

Do you want to properly educate yourself on web design and development? Look no further than It is a tutorial-based website which includes some remarkable tutorials from quite the inspirational and highly competent website designers. It has a relatively vast library which contains a variety of courses on Angular, React, NodeJS and Laravel. Do you want to feel educated or do you just want to feel inspired? is a magnanimous platform to make your experience amazing. 

Design Bombs

Searching for a place that offers web design and development courses categorized in a number of options? Well, Design Bombs is a place which roundup fresh website design lessons for everyone. It is a fresh looking design website which educates the masses on a number of things including WordPress. Design Bomb features a range of freebies and many exclusive deals. If you are an individual focusing on creating an impact in the market, Design Bomb is the right place to be at. 

Creative Boom

And there we are, the last on our list but certainly not least, Creative Boom is an interesting blog which covers a variety of projects. Most of these projects not only discusses visual creativity but they also open up a broader sense of web design. The blog has an inspirational theme and is very informative for all types of designers. Whether you are just starting your journey as a designer or you simply want to flex your creativity muscles, Creative Boom is a platform to give you all that and do much more. 

So there you go, here are some of the most interesting web design blogs which can help you climb the stairs of success in no time. These blogs are highly informative and commendably educational. They are closely designed under the supervision of expert web designers. They exude an essence of creativity, innovation, and inspiration. If you want to feel inspired, just start reading one. 

Hope you enjoyed my article. 

Demi Jenkins

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