The Best Wi-Fi Router to Purchase in the Year 2020

Routers are an essential component that keeps you connected to the Internet. 

If your router isn’t of great quality, the Internet connectivity that you will get will be filled with unnecessary distortions. You will find performance issues, you will find connectivity drops and you will experience a low performing Internet. Now you certainly don’t want to have a bad Internet reception, do you? If you want a good Internet with decent connectivity, here are a few routers that I have cherry-picked myself for you. They will provide the best connectivity and optimal Internet performance. 

So without further ado, let’s check these Wi-Fi routers out. 

The TP-Link Archer A20

If there’s one router that passes all the performance benchmarks amazingly, then it is none other but the TP-Link Archer A20. Here’s a powerful router that provides you the ultimate satisfaction when it comes to Internet connectivity. It features a mesh-networking kit that provides enhanced range, speed, and the perfect reliability that you seek. The Archer A20 contains a quad-core processor. Working over three-channel modes, this router can help you connect with a variety of home products at a single instance. Now, grow your network interactively with the all-new TP-Link Archer A20. 

Synology RT 2600ac

Standing on the second place, the Synology RT2600ac is a bit more on the expensive side. It features a dual processing unit that is not equivalent to the quad-core but still provides a decent speed. Unlike Archer, it does not feature a third wireless radio so that means the limit on this router will eventually be met way before the Archer A20. However, you can increase the RT2600ac by adding a mesh network kit with a few extra features and provide it with a dedicated wireless band to perform better. So if you can afford that, then Synology RT 2600ac can equate with the Archer A20 to an extent. 

TP-Link Archer’s A7 

Tight on budget, still need a decent router that is relatively inexpensive compared to the two discussed above, then look no further than the TP-Link Archer’s A7. Here’s a router that will best fit in your small apartments or two-room bedrooms easily. From the time of its launch and its increased demands, TP-Link has added TP-Link Mesh Network support to this router as well. Coupled with the MU-MIMO technology, the A7 is sure quite the performance-oriented router compared to other routing devices in the market and creates quite an impact when it comes to internet connectivity. So if you want something that has good potential at half the price of A20, then A7 is a good choice. 

D Link DIR 867

Clocking the fastest average speed, the D Link DIR 867 is one of the best routers for gaming. The average download speed on this router easily fits in the 2.4GHz frequency band and the router also features its own 5GHz band. While there are plenty of routers that one might consider purchasing from the market, the DLink DIR 867 packs quite the punch and has the best performance range based on the budget in which it is present in the market. It is best suited for small rooms and work wonders for gamers. If you still want to experience the best results, D Link DIR 867 has everything you want. Here’s a router that provides you with decent speed and Internet performance, so it’s best you buy it. 

Asus Zen WiFi 6

The last on our list for the day but certainly not the least is Asus Zen WiFi 6 Router which offers a decent quality processing speed. The router is a little expensive than the rest of the ones present in the market and may cost you around $450 but it is still worth the price. You almost get every feature in the WiFi that you expect to get in any Netgear WiFi, and it is a multi-gig WAN port with a dedicated backhaul. The bandwidth on this WiFi is also very good and keeps delivering a transmission that can go up uninterrupted for a very long time. So if you’re searching for a good router, this serves the purpose. 

So there you go, here are some of the best routers that I believe one should consider purchasing if they want to add something great to their home or office Internet. These are small scale WiFi setups that work best for an apartment or a limited range. If you want large scale WiFi units then you need to check out some of the expensive variants that are circulating the market. Commercial WiFis have strong signals and good speed compared to non-commercial variants. 

Do you like something that interests you or you have a better option? Feel free to comment. 

Demi Jenkins

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