8 Ways To Use Stickers For Business Purposes

Stickers have been around as conventional means of marketing for ages. But these small pieces of printed paper or other materials like plastic and vinyl are still useful to enhance the reach of businesses amid the target audience. Stickers are still a favorite marketing tool also because of their usefulness for generating great brand-awareness at a low cost.

Small businesses, especially those starting fresh, run on a tight budget. They must reach out to many more potential customers within their financial limitations. Therefore, cost-effective means like stickers are their best bet to get maximum value from investing very little. However, only impressive designs of stickers can help drive customers to businesses.

Elements of creative sticker designs

Before we talk about some unique ways to use stickers for businesses, it would be good to find out what elements of design go into creating these small sticky things.

The shape and size of stickers depend on their intended use. But most stickers are rectangular or square designs, as these are the most-cost-effective as well. Make sure that your decals appear bright and colorful as they are supposed to catch the eye instantly from a distance. Bold typography is another characteristic of these marketing materials. This is because bold letters help read the company name or other content easily. However, the text is used sparingly in stickers. 

Make sure that stickers have your company’s logo prominently imprinted on it for brand visibility. Do not also forget that the design must be simple to make it look unique. Your sticker should incorporate a call-to-action as well so that it encourages viewers to do what you want them to do. Therefore, get sticker design inspiration and have your sticker created uniquely.

Once your creative sticker designs are ready to be used for the marketing of your business, use them in plenty of ways. Here we give you some unique ways to sue your stickers to drive customers.

1. Turn business cards into stickers

Business cards are amongst the most used marketing tactics. These handy cards deliver the contact details of a company. But very few clients keep the cards with them for a more extended period. But if you can create business cards in the shape of stickers, their chances of being around a client’s table are higher. The recipients of the cards can stick them on some surface around them, such as a laptop, refrigerator, and car instead of throwing the cards in a drawer forever.

2. Use them as product labels

If you own a smaller and independent brand, instead of using conventional labels, you can create a sticker that doubles as a label. Remember that label is something that you create additional, and it is not a part of your product. Many brands put just stickers as labels on their food or drink products. An advantage of these stickers is their affordability for small businesses withing their low budgets.

But make sure that your label sticker is customized to give your brand a personality. Since stickers are small and have few design elements, viewers get your brand message at a glance.

3.Stick on discount products

Businesses often give periodic huge discounts on their products to drive more sales. But when putting those products in a store for sale, you should announce the discounts as well in several unique ways. Instead of writing the price-cut offer on a piece of paper and placing it near the product, it is better to print the discounts on a sticker. For example, you can print the words ‘Buy One Get One’ free on stickers and stick them on somewhere near the products.

In this way, you not only entice the buyers but also professionally promote your brand. The sticker will have your brand elements such as logo, colors, icon, typeface, etc. People generally spend more time around products that come with discounts. So, such stickers become a tool to engage the audience with your brand.

4. Give your WiFi password on stickers

Very few businesses think of using this unique trick. They offer internet connectivity in their place but tell the password orally or on a simple piece of paper hanging somewhere. Here is your opportunity to catch people’s attention to your business. When they ask for your WiFi password, give it to them in your sticker. Just design your sticker with bold password letters or numbers in your brand colors.

They will keep the sticker with them for its repeat possible use. So, the sticker remains with them in a pocket or on their table at home. Even if they do not carry it, the sticker will make a good positive on them about your brand.

5. Hand out stickers on an event attendees

Whenever your company organizes an event or becomes its sponsor, take advantage of the gatherings to promote your brand. Stickers are the small but beautifully printed things that you can hand out to attendees. As you give free stickers at a trade show or the sideline of an event, it contributes to creating excitement. People have a closure look at your sticker, and many of them talk about your business, products, or services.

Make sure that at such an event, hand out the stickers that announce some exciting offers or discounts. An enticing offer will make the sticker even more engaging and interactive.

6. Use them as window decals 

A decal is primarily a decorative sticker. These are generally placed outdoors. Such stickers have three layers with a layer of paper each on back and front, and the deal itself. These stickers are designed to transfer the design from one surface to another. If you have a storefront, then stick these decals on your store windows so that passersby can have a look at them. You can design such stickers using a variety of styles and materials.

But make sure that the sticker for a window is specially created for your brand. To create impressive stickers for windows, compare the online sticker design services of the professional designers.

7. Stick them on walls

Another place where your sticker design can be displayed prominently is a wall. It can be a restaurant wall, office wall, or anywhere else. Make sure that the sticker is large and appears as a dominant picture on the entire wall to make an impact on viewers. In any shop or restaurant, such a sticker becomes a great marketing tool to engage viewers with a brand.

8. Explore their potential as signage

Fewer business owners use stickers as signages. In a store or any shop, multiple signages are showing the way around to a product. But if the signages come in the shape of stickers, the searching for direction becomes a lot engaging and exciting for people. So, get some exciting sticker ideas to create A-size stickers to use them as signage to show products, discounts, etc. to the customers in a store.


Stickers are amongst the most cost-effective means of marketing a business. If your sticker design is unique and impressive, you can expect it to drive customers to your brand. When planning to use stickers strategically, know that there are places such as walls, windows, storefronts, signages, events, and even your business card can be transformed into a sticker. So, explore various such places to stick these marketing materials for brand promotion.  

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