Python vs Javascript: Which Programming Language is the Best to Learn in 2020?

We live in a day and age where software technology undergoes constant innovation and growth. 

Are you a developer seeking to hone up your programming skills? Do you constantly and frequently find yourself facing the anxiety on which track you should choose to develop your programming skills? 

If that’s the case with you, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Now, as a developer, I am sure you may have come across plentiful options. When it comes to programming languages, there is no particular choice. As a newbie, you can easily get overwhelmed. 

However, if you really do ponder and you do have a background in software engineering, you do know that the top programming languages on the programmers’ block in the recent market is none other but Python & JavaScript. And as a tech-savvy individual seeking to carve your own path, you might ask: 

Should I choose Python or Javascript to follow my career path in software engineering? 

That’s exactly why we are here today as I am going to do a quick review between both the language. Let’s see whether you should learn Python or Javascript? Which can be the best option for you? 

A Brief Overview of JavaScript

JavaScript is a server-side scripting language that allows users to create static websites. It is one of the highly favored programming languages among modern-day website developers and programmers. 

It works just fine for all those who are currently studying in Computer Science departments. 

Do you want to know why JavaScript is so unique and interesting among modern-day developers? 

It’s because, in Javascript, you do not require any compilation step. 

Wait what do you mean by no compilation?! 

Let me answer that question of yours by starting a completely new question! 

Do you know that browsers have built-in engines that understand and execute Javascript commands? 

By directly entering your Javascript code directly into your HTML code you won’t require compilation. 

It makes JavaScript an amazing coding language because you can even write its code on Notepad++.

A Brief Overview of Python

Unlike JavaScript, Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language. 

I am sure the next question that comes to your mind is what actually is Python good for? 

As a general-purpose language, it allows coders to build any type of website or application which they desire. Python is a back-end programming language and does not allow you to code on the frontend.

But, it offers you 

Now, this is a general-purpose programming language that pretty much eradicates our confusion that it is not a frontend programming language. And when it comes to backend development, Python tops the chart because of the simplicity and flexibility it offers to most programmers in the digital world. 

Today, Python is massively growing at a rapid pace. 

In JavaScript, the compiler is basically the browser itself so you just have to provide the instructions to the browser in the form of JavaScript codes and it automatically executes the code in the back. 

However, when we talk about Python, the case is entirely different. Since it is an object-oriented programming language that works in a different format, the building blocks or you can say objects.

It allows development teams to create various objects and apply different attributes to them. 

These blocks are then set to perform different actions.  

Python vs JavaScript: Which is the Better Option? 

A developer survey conducted back in 2019 reports that JavaScript is one of the leading programming languages to date. But, with the popularity with which Python is coming up the charts, it looks like soon JavaScript will be superseded by a much newer and more user-friendly alternative called Python. 

Python has already superseded many programming languages such as C#, PHP and C++. 

Since JavaScript is still at the top, so are the frameworks on which JavaScript works. 

As you can see, jQuery, React.js and Angular.js are still the top 3 web frameworks available. 

But, with Python’s popularity on the rise, we can also see frameworks that support Python to emerge on the horizon as well. Python favors frameworks such as Django and Flask for website development. 

Another of our findings represents that Python has earned itself the second position in the most loved programming language on the programmers’ block. However, when we do check the wanted category, we see that Python has already become quite the trend and has taken lead in comparison with JS. 

Today, Python stands as one of the fastest-growing programming languages. The average salary of a Python developer is approximately around $116k per annum. Whereas, JavaScript programmers have a median salary of around $110k per annum.  

Which Programming Language is more User-friendly? 

Most developers are eager to learn which programming language is easier to learn. They ask this question because they want to quickly gain command on a particular coding platform within no time.

Analysis indicates that JavaScript is fairly difficult to adapt to, as compared to Python. 

Python is a programming language that is usually the beginner’s choice, especially for those who do not have any background experience in website programming. As per why Python is user-friendly? 

  • Python code is notorious for being more readable, meaning that it is easier to understand (and write).
  • The code in Python has fewer lines than in other languages such as C or C++.
  • There are fewer structural rules in Python. For instance, you are not required to write a semicolon after every statement.
  • It has many frameworks that contain pre-written code to speed up the development of your projects.

Even though Python is a user-friendly programming language, you will still require some good navigational skills to get around Javascript. JS is popular, but it is complicated and here’s why. 

  • One important aspect is that JavaScript is difficult to debug. You might notice that despite your code being error-free, the program won’t work (fail silently).
  • There are many additional characters, such as curly brackets and semicolons. However, in the newer version of JS, semicolons appear automatically.
  • One perk is that the JavaScript syntax resembles the rules of other C-like languages. Therefore, people with experience in such languages will be more prepared to learn JavaScript.

Which is the best for Web Development? 

Every developer wants to create applications that are incredibly fast and performance-oriented. They want websites that can handle the massive amount of data and has the capability of quick coding. 

When we talk about the performance aspects, JavaScript is a clear winner. Programs that run on Python mostly take a relatively long time to respond compared to programs powered on JavaScript. 

Hence, if you’re planning to create websites that are relatively faster than the rest, JS is your thing. 

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Another aspect that you should consider when comparing Python vs JavaScript is which one is more scalable. JavaScript once again takes the lead here with its Node.js as it was simply designed keeping the aspect of scalability in mind. You can perform coding supporting asynchronous programming.

If you want to give your website speed of execution, then Node.js is your best bet. 

Which is the best for Mobile Development? 

Initially, when Python was launched, it was certainly not designed with the idea of creating GUI based applications. However with applications like Kivy and Beeware, development with Python got possible. 

Kivy is a large Python library and is an open-source platform which contains a UI toolkit compensating its own versions of buttons, text labels, entry forms, and whatnot. Kivy works on both Android and iOS. 

On the contrary, Beeware is another great library but it is fairly new. It is definitely not the best sourcing material. But, it is a great platform which allows users to create native-looking mobile apps.

When we talk about JavaScript, similar to Python, JS also has its ups and downs. When we talk about JavaScript, the first thing to mention is the primary purpose of JS is to create more robust websites. Mobile development was considered a side-job until the React Native and Node.js arrived in market. 

One more con of using JavaScript for coding is that it does not support or run any native apps. Most JS developers use hybrid apps by employing frameworks such as PhoneGap, Sencha or Kendo UI

Should I Learn Python or JavaScript? 

Wondering which one is the best option for you to learn if you want to code? 

If you are a tech-savvy programmer who is interested in applying concepts of machine learning, data science and neural network should consider learning Python. However, if your purpose is just to create dynamic good looking websites for your clients and customers, then JavaScript can be your best bet. 

Hope this article was helpful and interesting to learn. 

Demi Jenkins

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