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Persona 5 Fusion Guide: How to Make the Best Fusion for Your Persona Game Characters

Persona 5 is a classic anime based game played by millions. Because the game is quite interactive and has a great storyline, people can normally feel overwhelmed while playing it. And in the wake of completing the story, they may often miss the point of doing a perfect persona 5 fusion. It may sound complicated, and you may find it not that rewarding altogether. But, if you master the art of fusion in this game, then it can help you progress better in the game by unleashing some super moves in battle. 

With this guide, I am sure you will be quite clear on the concept of Persona 5 fusion and how it works. 

How Does Persona 5 Fusion Works? 

When it comes to fusion there are plenty of options available for the individuals playing the game. In the early game, these fusions might not hold much of importance but as you advance through the game and level up as the Twin Wardens and Prison Master confidants, you might’ve to create fusions.

There are different types of Persona 5 fusion and they are listed below: 

  • Normal Fusion (dyad guillotine): This is the simplest form of persona 5 fusion. You choose two personas, it tells you the result. Good for when you want to get rid of some low-level personas and don’t necessarily care what the result is.
  • Advanced Fusion (group guillotine): The group guillotine uses three or more personas to make a single result. You won’t use this very often, not least because advanced fusion is primarily for making powerful high-level personas.
  • Fuse by Result (guillotine search): The most useful option, guillotine search lets you see all the personas you can make from your currently equipped personas, even sorting them by level. You should use this option whenever you start to fill up on personas to clear space in your inventory while ensuring you’re getting new and useful persona out of the process.
  • Network Fusion (public execution): This late-game option lets you send one persona per day off into the ether to fuse with a randomly selected persona from another player. It’s a gamble but can potentially result in powerful fusions. Not necessarily useful, but it can be fun to try late in the game.

When Should One Fuse Personas? 

As per when is the right time to fuse personas, that part is significantly easier to answer. The moment your inventory of personas starts to fill up, just give a visit to the velvet room and use persona fusion. You will capture new personas when you are in a battle with different enemies, and when you capture new personas, you will have the option to discard old personas to add up the new ones in your list. 

But discarding personas is like wasting them in the game. You have a better option and that is fusion. 

So instead of wasting them, fuse personas on a regular basis and you will always have room to add. 

However, that’s not the only benefit of performing a Persona 5 fusion. New personas which you create yourself in the velvet room are far more better than the ones you get your hands on during the game. Fused personas have a more versatile arsenal which may offer you an incredible edge in the game. 

And your fused personas will gain equal experience as your confidant keeps gaining more experience. 

How to Fuse Personas in Persona 5? 

As per how you should fuse personas in Persona 5 is concerned, you should always choose the third option which is to “Fuse by Result.” It can help you sort the right personas based on the gaming level. And it will enable you to create the most powerful combinations without wasting any time sorting out.

Just choose the option, “Fuse by Result.” You can shift through different persona types by pressing R1 or L1. Now scroll down to persona results which match your current character level. Start there and work your way down until there are no more options remaining. Expend all the useless personas then. 

How to Construct the Right Persona in Persona 5? 

Unlike other class build games, where you have to focus on dexterity, agility, strength and other character aspects, Persona 5 offers you the freedom to experiment with new things without hassle. 

If you are building a persona for your persona 5 character, here are a few general tips to pay attention: 

Don’t Get Seriously Attached to a Single Persona

If there is one thing that I have learned from playing class build games such as Elder Scroll Online or World of Warcraft, it is “never to get attached to a single weapon type or armor.” That similar principle is what I believe fits worthy when you are playing any other game of your choice including Persona 5. 

In Persona 5, the battle mode is so overwhelming that you can easily get attached to a single persona. It may offer you certain attack types which may stand beyond other attack types that you really don’t feel like giving up on them. At times as such, it’s better that you opt-in for persona fusion rather than get stuck in a rut. Not happy with the results? Don’t worry, re-summon them for use at a small fee. 

Start Away Fusing High-Level Personas for Better Builds

If you want your persona 5 characters to perform at its best, there’s no specific reason to fuse every single persona with your character at all levels. You can choose the highest possible level personas and then fuse them together. Then keep working down the list in this manner until you can. 

In the process, you may end up missing out on some of the personas but that’s totally fine. Not all of them are going to give you the best results and its understandable. Just expend them when you don’t want them in your persona inventory. It’s okay because you will find them up later in the battle. 

Register Your High-Level Personas Later on in the Game  

Keep it in your head as a side note. Register your personas often. When you fuse the first version of the persona, it automatically gets registered. But as you move deeper into the game, you will have to register each persona yourself manually.

For example, let’s just say that you secure a persona by conducting an interrogation. And later on, when you keep leveling up your confidant, you find a much better version of the same persona, you will have to manually register that persona to make use of the superior version. 

Don’t Rely Completely on “Fuse by Results,” Scope out other Options

Don’t completely rely on “Fuse by Results.” Instead, go for other options, especially group guillotine. Just keep track to learn if there are any advanced fusions which you’re missing out on. If you’re then reeling in the queue and make the best of these advanced fusions, and achieve the best of results. 

Make Use of Other Attacks, They Can Come in Handy Too

You shouldn’t necessarily focus only on the elemental attacks when you are in the game. Make use of some stat buffs and debuffs when you are on your way into the late game. There you will require more specific moves, for instance, such as “tetraja.” It is a powerful move which provides a barrier for all allies so they avoid any insta-kill attacks which your opponent can choose to take you out anytime.

So it’s always best to have a well-rounded loadout so you don’t end up getting stuck in a rut. 

Lastly, Pay Attention to the Twin Wardens & Keep them in Mind

Our recommendation is that you work on your social links with the twin wardens. They are normally located in the Velvet Room. You can impress them by creating personas at their requests. The more you build your relationship with the Wardens, the better you get at leveling, summoning and fusing. 

So when a Warden gives you a new mission, pay special attention to completing that mission. Find personas which have the right abilities and then keep using them repetitively infusion until you get the results you want. Some of these results for warden can only be obtained using advanced fusion. And one of these requests will even require a skill card from the inventory to create the required persona. 

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