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The Best Mafia 3 Mods to Create a Remarkable Gaming Experience

Mafia 3 is a great game which combines the ultimate experience of open-world with a lot of run and gun experience. The game is developed by Hangar 13 and is published by 2K Games. This is the third main game in the Mafia series and it is the sequel to Mafia 2. The game starts in the city of New Bordeaux which is located in New Orleans, the single-player story follows the life of Lincoln Clay, who is an ex-veteran returning from war. Lincoln comes home to find a job going wrong and his father and brother getting killed in the action. Lincoln himself gets badly beaten and shot in the head but somehow survives. And that’s how the story unfolds for Clay where he aims to build a new crime syndicate of his own seeking revenge from the murderous Italian mob responsible for all the deaths. 

Mafia 3 is quite a breathtaking treat for all those seeking to relive the GTA5 experience set in the 50s. And in fact, you can make the gaming experience a whole lot better by adding a few mods in-game. 

There are overall 23 mods introduced in the game. Here are the top 10 discussed in-depth and detail. 


Do you plan to see some serious changes in your Mafia 3 gaming experience? If that’s the case with you then the Mafia 3 Scripthook is an important mod that you should take into account. This mod allows you to run your own code in the game, it allows you to add new functions or operations as deeming it worthy. In fact, many of the modern Mafia 3 mods will prefer to use this mod which makes it a must-have mod. It’s a great modding tool that creates a gateway for all the other great things to do. 


Want a quick path to reach from one location to another in Bordeaux? Here’s a teleportation mod which allows you to do just that and you can, in fact, do it in a blink. You can easily teleport Lincoln Clay from one district to another in an instant. Just move around the location, sustain peace or kill opposing gang members, take over the order and control of the situation; and when the cops are on your tail, just simply teleport from one location to another with just a click of a button.

Unlimited Ammo

Taking down a large enemy stronghold? Can’t exit the mission and go to the ammo van to refill? Install the unlimited ammo mod as it will allow you to fight your enemies without worrying about giving up your weapon. This is a mod code that will automatically change your ammo option for any weapon in your arsenal. Just reload the weapon and you won’t see any difference in your ammo clips. Just keep reloading and drop all enemies who may cross your path; spray them with unlimited bullets. 

Car Customization

Searching for the right vehicle to drive around in Bordeaux, this particular code will enable you to mod your Mafia 3 cars so you can drive around in style in any vehicle of your choice. The car customization mod will provide you access to a new menu which will offer you numerous customization options. You can choose any transportation type of your choice, add custom wheels, different body types, interesting paint jobs, and other multiple features to make your ride as interesting as it can be. 

Color Correction/Blur Removal

If you want to give your Mafia 3, a smooth visual boost, then look no further than the SweetFX preset. When you play the game in HDR mode, the colors are more or less set for the vintage look because of the nature of the game. And this particularly creates quite a hassle for players who have just started out with the game. If you have a keen eye for colors and you want to avoid in-game blurs, then this mod can help you add vibrant colors to the game and remove motion blurs to give you smooth gameplay.

The Money Script

Toggling the money script ON will give you unlimited access to in-game currency. With this mod, you will now only have to worry about unlocking the map. No more long grinds or multiple strongholds take-outs or hacking terminals to get your hands on cash stash, now you can designate a special button to add $9,999 into your bankroll on every press. Just buy any piece of weapon or any particular outfit that is of interest. Add as many equipment upgrades as you like because now you don’t have money problems. 

The Boost Mod

This mod can be a great mod in your modding arsenal as it gives you a quick boost to escape enemy areas, police chases and hitman searching to put a bullet in your head. With just a single press of a button, you can activate the boost mod and escape any critical situation in just a matter of minutes. With the boost mod, you can easily increase the speed of your vehicle more than its limit; and that will allow you to easily increase your speed and enable you to move out of some really tough corners. 

Invincibility Script

When you start playing in Bordeaux, you will soon realize that the developers have designed different type of enemies who are hanging around in the corners of the street to cause you more harm. And then, there are the cops for whom you will always have to stay on a lookout. If you don’t want to find yourself ending up dead on every nook and corner, or if you’re quite the rookie player in this game, the invincibility script is one such mod that can allow you to work your way seamlessly around enemies. 

Manual Transmission

While playing a vintage styled game such as the Mafia 3, I bet you want more control on your vehicle. Although the gear transmission in the game is automatic, if you have a knack to control your own vehicle, then you would like to have a manual transmission on your vehicle. This mod will provide you manual transmission and additional controls so you are able to handle the shifting of gears on your own accord. You can even set neutral settings and toggle manual transmission on/off. Now, have more control over your vehicle so you can drift around street corners and touch speed limits. 

Activate 21st Century Cars

Not quite savvy with the old vintage cars? Want a cool ride to drive around on the roads? Well, look no further than this particular mod. It will allow you to activate 21st-century cars in the game so you can drive around corners without any hassle. Activate this mod and get your hands on the latest vehicle.

There you go, here are all the interesting mods which you can add in your Mafia 3 game to have more savvy gameplay than ever. Have an ultimate gaming experience, the one you may never forget. 

Demi Jenkins

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