How to create a web design and development company in Galway

How to create a web design and development company in Galway, Ireland?

Thinking of starting a web design business in Ireland? Creating this type of business is easier with these 9 tips!

Starting a business is never easy, there are always many problems and difficulties. In this article I will explain everything you need to know about how to create a web design and development company in Galway ireland.

Although there is no magic formula, for anyone looking to get clients and web design projects, we will help you start your own company. Stay and find out all the necessary steps!


Develop the necessary skills

This is very basic and can be summed up as follows: “You shouldn’t sell yourself as an expert, without being one .” In addition to having a degree, you must have experience before offering your services.

It sounds difficult, but this is the first problem that any entrepreneur faces. Therefore, before starting a web design and development company, I recommend you have a job and with it, gain experience in the following areas:

  • Development of Internet advertising.
  • Creation of web pages and landing pages .
  • Web positioning campaigns (SEO).
  • Learn to use marketing software / platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Mailchimp, etc.
  • How to respond to constant pressure from customers and the industry.
  • Fail in several projects, before seeing one grow.

It will be of great benefit to have experience in all the aforementioned, to be able to give valuable answers to future clients of your company, so that they speak well of you and your new company.

Create a business plan

You must have a well-founded organization, so that everything starts in the best way. For this, you must implement an adjusted business plan, an alternative to a common business plan, which adapts to your needs and the changes that arise throughout any project.

This plan should include:

  • Strategies and tactics: You must establish the problems and possible solutions.
  • Business model: Detail what is the target market and your competition.
  • Schedule of activities: Possible dates of each action and milestone implemented.
  • Basic financing: It is important to establish a forecast of the budget to be used.
  • Calculate startup costs: It is essential to consider your initial budget and possible 

Future expenses: To start a web design and development company, you should consider the following:

  • Basic expenses : Buy only what you need, such as a desk, stationery, and rent a place to start. You should never forget all the expenses related to a web page and have excellent business cards, which convey the objective of your project.
  • Taxes, software and insurance: You should make sure to pay the necessary insurance and taxes. Along with this, there are management and accounting programs with affordable prices, necessary to organize your business.

Establish who your target customer is:

Having an audience to direct your services to is vital to know how to create a web design and development company.

Once the job niche is established, the most complicated part comes, promoting your services and establishing communication with potential clients.

Determine the services to offer

Although when starting a web development company, you should already have an idea of what services you will offer .

With a web development company, you have to offer a large number of services to monetize it.

These are some examples:

  • Planning and development of complete web pages.
  • Advice and maintenance of web pages based on WordPress.
  • Services aimed at specific clients: Small, medium or large companies, public or private companies, B2C, etc.
  • Transform a platform based on a CMS (Like drupal) to another CMS, for example, WordPress.
  • Simple redesigns of a web page.
  • Thinking of starting a web design and development business?

Set your prices:

There are two ways to decide how much to charge to design and create a web page and to set the price:

  • Rate per project : this is ideal for large projects, where it is better to account for the service using a fixed price.
  • Hourly rate : only recommended for short projects, where you can set the exact hours.

Many times when deciding how much a web designer charges , hourly rates can be used to estimate project rates.

Complies with legal parameters: 

An important section to know how to create a web design and development company is to do research and legal work, to comply with all the established legal parameters, especially when making the contract for web design and development .

These vary greatly from country to country, although in general you only need to apply for a commercial license and insurance, so it is advisable to access the local government website and find out about the necessary parameters for the creation and protection of your business. Many times it is necessary to seek advice from a lawyer.

Decide how you want to scale:

There are many points that you must consider when creating your own business. Usually, you start with limited capital and that will get you to the main problem, growing and earning a reputation in a competitive world.

To achieve this you must consider your skills and be 100% trained in the services your company offers. In the first instance, you will have to manage the administration on your own (to save expenses) and thus, you will gain experience in the skills necessary to carry out this work, which will be useful to evaluate the knowledge of an employee that you hire in the future to fulfill this function.

In order to establish a successful business, you need to hire employees , but you must be realistic about the real benefits you can offer. If your company still does not generate capital to have employees, there is the option of hiring a Freelance web design Galway. You just need to do professional research to find several that meet your quality standards.

You should offer freelancers benefits, you can give them simple or monotonous jobs. Over time, you may have employees, and contractors may join your company indefinitely.

Each company grows at different speeds, the important thing is to leave customers satisfied with your work and have good reviews.

And finally in this section, do not stress with scaling fast in this competitive business, each company emerges at its speed. It is not necessary to have thousands of clients, as long as having enough to do a good job is more than enough.

Build your brand

An important step in knowing how to create a web development company is to create a brand that represents you in an ideal way. This is a difficult step, when creating your business plan, you should take some time and think about how you would like your potential clients to perceive you and if this way fits with your future goals.

For example, placing your name on the brand will be beneficial to create a more pleasant environment with your client. But for more professional purposes, when your business grows and you have employees, a different, more formal name may be necessary.

Buy professional software

At first you must work on your own, but you need a little help to manage your company . For these situations there are project management software(ERP System), of various types, with different prices and aimed at different companies.

With this software you can:

  • Follow up with your customers.
  • Maintain an organization.
  • Automate various processes. For example, emails to clients.

By following the above 9 tips you can start his own web design business, or you may contact for further assistance for your web design and development projects. 

Demi Jenkins

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