A Perfect Guide on How to Use GoodReads App as a Book Lover

What is the first thing that strikes the chord when you hear the word bookstore? 

Do you imagine yourself in a place or an open room that is filled with plenty of books? You have this vivid picture in mind where you can easily go through volumes and volumes of interesting titles. 

While the days of going out to a traditional library are now long gone, and with the COVID 19 at the heart of destabilizing the very economy of the world, we have all went into a complete lockdown. 

What other way is best to create your own library at home right? But, here’s the big question… 

How are you actually going to create one when you’re unable to go outside and purchase books? How will you decide which books are the best options for you and whether you should read them or not? 

One of the ways to identify that is by downloading the GoodReads app. 

Here’s a great application for all the book lovers out there and provides a complete detail on just about every book on different genres. Just search it up and it will show you a list of the books you will like. 

But just like any other platform, GoodRead also brings people with the same taste together. 

Are you interested in becoming part of the growing GoodReads circle? Here’s where to begin with. 

1) Setup Your Account on GoodReads

Setting up your account on GoodReads is fairly easy. You have to follow the same steps which you might have to follow when setting up your account on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. 

You can even create your account through different social media platforms on GoodReads if you like: 

For example, 

  1. Click on the Sign in with your Facebook account button
  2. Type in your Facebook username in the provided section
  3. Type in your Facebook Password in the provided section
  4. Check all the information and simply click on the Log In. 
  5. Choose your reading preferences, fill in your basic details, and you’re good to go. 

You can also sign up on the platform using your Twitter account by following the same instructions. 

2) Select Your Genre Based on Your Preferences

Since GoodReads is a massive platform for book readers, one can easily feel overwhelmed. Just like there are many different kinds of people around the world, there are many different kinds of books. 

So it’s best that you know what genre of books do you like to read. 

In order to identify which genre is the best fit for you, ask yourself a series of questions. 

  • What are your personal preferences when you watch movies? 
  • What kind of cartoons did you watch when you were a kid? 
  • Do horror stories scare you or do they pique your interest? 
  • Do you feel like a detective when you come across a crime scene? 
  • Are you a more romantic type than the action type? 
  • Do you like to go out on adventures? 

And the list of questions goes on. Let your mind speak on your behalf and see what are the type of questions you prefer to answer. Based on these answers, you can then decide whether you are more of a horror fan, a fantasy fan, a fiction fan, a mystery fan, a thriller fan, a romance fan, or anything else. 

3) Add other People to Your GoodReads Network

It’s not just a place to find books to read, but GoodReads is also an interesting socializing platform. Here, you can find plenty of your friends and then socialize with them based on similar readings. 

By visiting their profiles, you can see what sort of books do they like, what they prefer to read on an average day, how many books are they currently reading, or what books are they interested to read. 

If they share the same taste as you do, then you can have a chat with them. 

Find out new books in your desired genre and then add them to your own list, thank them later. 

4) Leave Reviews and Feedbacks if You Like Something

When users visit the platform, they are not only planning to create their own personal libraries but they often critique the work of other writers and leave their feedbacks behind for others so they can review. 

By sharing your own personal insights on the books that you’ve read, others can benefit from you. Besides, isn’t it the same way you came to a conclusion of reading a book by checking out the reviews and ratings on that particular book that others simply left behind for you to read and acknowledge. 

While somebody else did you a favor, it’s time you leave a favor behind for others so the chain can keep on rolling. Leave reviews, provide feedback, rate them, and grow the ecosystem of Goodreads. 

5) Maintain a Progress of Your Readings to Make Yourself Proud

Lastly, don’t forget to maintain progress for everything that you read on the platform. By keeping a track record of your progress, it will become easier for you to see where you’ve reached so far in reading. You can select a new book and start off a new chapter, leaving behind an old one on a certain page. But, it will keep your track progress saved so at any point in time if you want to jump back to your previous book, you can see where you left off, thanks to GoodReads. You can also let your friends know what you’ve read so far and help them get an idea of what books are interesting in your genre. 

A Want to Read section will further enlighten the audience on what they should consider in the future. 

So that’s all that I think you need to know about GoodReads. If you’re starting out with the platform and you don’t know where to begin, do read my article & get acknowledged on the best way to use it. 

Demi Jenkins

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