Google is Planning to Slow Down Its Hiring Process in the Year 2020

Don’t be shocked when I tell you that Google has decided to halt its hiring process for the year 2020. 

An email received at Bloomberg official recently revealed that the CEO Sundar Pichai has decided to slow down the process of hiring new employees and concentrate wholly on their current investments. 

It’s because Sundar Pichai believes that right now, the world is at a crucial point and with the rising tides of the COVID 19 pandemic, things feel like they are about to take a really odd turn from the economic standpoint. Hence, the CEO at Google has decided to focus a large sum of the company’s investments in stabilizing the data centers and in marketing its own services in the coming year. 

An email was sent to all of its employees from the CEO himself which later got leaked and circulated among some of the renowned news platforms like The Verge and The Bloomberg which gave insight.  

A recent statement that was obtained by The Verge from one of the employees revealed, 

“We’ll be slowing down the pace of hiring while maintaining momentum in a small number of strategic areas, and onboarding the many people who’ve been hired but haven’t started yet.”

It shows that the present CEO wants to focus on stabilizing the position of his current employees and at the same time onboard others who have been hired by Google, but they haven’t started as of yet. 

At the same time, the company also wants to focus on what measurements Google can take in order to tackle the economic decline in the right manner so the future economy of the world doesn’t hurt. 

In one of the other statements, CEO Sundar Pichai spoke out, 

“By dialing back our plans in other areas, we can ensure Google emerges from this year at a more appropriate size and scale than we would otherwise. That means we need to carefully prioritize hiring employees who will address our greatest user and business needs”.

Just last year the number of people that Google hired was pretty staggering. Alone in 2019, Google onboarded a total of 20,000 employees. And all of these individuals were hired at a satisfactorily good pay scale. With the amount of profit Google was earning, the company decided that they would be doing the same in the next year 2020; however, the global COVID 19 pandemic turned the odds against the entire world. Now, the CEO says that he is planning to take every precautionary measure to secure the organization’s standpoint. It is ready to battle the crisis surrounding health and economy. 

And in order to combat this, the CEO is afraid he won’t be able to hire any more employees in 2020. 

His focus would be more on streamlining data centers, and other machines powered by Google. 

It is without a doubt that Google took such abrupt decisions because of the growing economic collapse because of the COVID 19. Currently, there are several firms around the world that are facing economic collapse and are greatly struggling with making the ends meet for their current employees. 

Many are struggling at keeping their employees on board, many are unable to keep their offices open. 

Google isn’t the only tech firm that is taking such drastic decisions. In fact, other companies such as Microsoft have also taken the decision of temporarily holding up the recruitment process till next year. 

Similarly, we are hearing that tech giant such as Facebook & Amazon is also planning to do something similar; but for now, we haven’t heard anything about it as of yet. We don’t if they will be slowing down the hiring process this year or they will entirely put down their recruitments. However, one thing which is for definite is the economic condition of the world which is in dire strait. Who knows how things are going to proceed in the coming days and how long will the world take to pull itself out of this situation. 

Google wants to ensure that they value the lives of its people greatly. And to show their immense care, it has become one of the first organizations that set the ground for work from home for its employees.

For now, they have changed several policies where they are going to allow paid sick leaves to the people as well provide them with extra allowances in order to help them survive through the COVID 19.  

For now, the company is fully prepared for providing all the essentials to its current employees.  

Demi Jenkins

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