The 12 Must Have Gaming Tools for Pro-Gamers to Carry in 2020

No online game experience can become highly interactive unless you are able to connect with other players and perform a variety of functionalities. Today, the gaming world has become exasperatingly vast and finding your way around some of these AAA titles has become quite the challenge. Certain games are designed to play with assistance and if you’re failing to play as a team, you eventually lose. 

Hence, the software development industry has realized this fact and those who are enthusiastic gamers have given rise to a variety of gaming tools that practically aid players to easily play these games effectively. Today, I am going to shed light on some of these interesting tools which gamers must add to their gaming arsenal. So without further ado, let’s check some of these apps & learn.

Well, all of these tools perfectly working on your gaming laptop so buy a laptop that offers you a smooth interface and capacity to run these tools.


Discord is a modern-day chatting application specifically designed for online gamers. It includes the interactive VoIP feature which allows gamers to easily interconnect with each other and have a detailed discussion on some of the latest happenings in the online gaming world. Not only that but Discord has a beautiful UI and its servers include some of the best features for multiple server setups. This all in one voice and text chat for gamers is not only free and secure, but it also works great on both the platforms, phone as well as the desktop. No more wasting time on Skype or Line. With Discord, you can simplify your life and have a remarkable interconnected online gaming experience. 


Steam is one of the popular gaming libraries in the PC world. It contains a massive volume of online games where friends can interconnect with each other and play for hours without experiencing any server down-time. Not only does it has large gaming libraries but the client also features a social hub that allows players to interconnect with each other and have a chit chat. It also comes with in-home streaming which allows players to play Window based games on Mac and Linux as well. The platform has come a long way and evolved magnanimously over a period of time. It is quite the software for gaming enthusiasts. And has indeed come a long way from evolution over the past number of years. 

OBS Studio 

When playing online games, there are certain trick shots which when you make you only wish that you could’ve had captured them. OBS Studio is just the application that allows you to capture moments. The amazing OBS studio is remarkably known for its real-time video/audio capturing and mixing. With this app, you can now capture your favorite scenes, edit and recreate them until they are mastered to perfection. In fact, the app allows you to recreate scenes taken from multiple sources which may include window captures, interesting images, clear texts, browser windows, webcam snaps, capture cards, and whatnot. The OBS Studio is a remarkable app allowing players to compose great scenes.


Who wouldn’t like to check the specs and performance of their CPU and CPU-Z is a free software tool which allows you to track all the necessary information on your computer. The software runs a diagnostic on your PC and assimilates important hardware/software information. With this app, you can identify your processor name, codename, number, process, package and cache levels. The CPU-Z also allows you to diagnose the details on your mainboard and chipset. It helps you identify what memory type you are running, what is the size of the memory, what are its module specifications. It also gives you real-time information on the core’s internal frequency & memory frequency. 


Just like CPU-Z is designed to give you background information on your CPU specifications, GPU-Z is focused on delivering information based on your video card which is the main graphical processing unit. As an avid gamer, it is highly essential that you’re capable to monitor your GPU’s performance. It is the single most defining element in your gaming system which makes sure you can run AAA titles. The GPU-Z shows the information on memory frequency, core frequency, memory, temperature, fan speeds, etc. You can get access to all these details and much more without investing even a dollar. 


Some gamers quite eventually like to change the input methods on their keyboards and a certain type of games restricts them from doing that. If you are facing a similar issue where you can’t change the keys to your desired settings on a keyboard, KeyTweak is a remarkable software to help you nail it. It is an application specifically designed to modify the input keys on a keyboard. With this software, you can easily switch the values of different keys on the keyboard buttons and create necessary shortcuts. It is a great app to help you map keys by making combination options for you as a gamer.

Razor Cortex

Now you have rigged up a really awesome PC but what if it fails to give you the results you expect it to deliver? Well, that sort of thing can happen with any of us. Here’s a free application that allows boosting your gaming performance with just a click of a button. The app allows you to one-click boost your performance. With just a single click a user can optimize their RAM, get the best FPS statistics and run a complete automatic performance boost. So the next time you launch a game with Razor Cortex, you can put aside worries of glitchy experiences. The game runs without any screen shreds.


While playing triple-A title games, we can often find ourselves struggling with adjusting the screen light or brightness. We may have a lighting effect in our room that is way too bright to adjust the game lighting effects and when you walk around in dark corners or in dark areas of the game, you may struggle to play. With f.lux, you get a multi-platform app that allows you to adjust your screen light. You can now set the brightness of your game so it matches the colors in your room. The app is recommended by everyone, even the doctors because it promotes healthy eyesight. Plus, the app is absolutely FREE to use. It comes with a clean, interactive and intuitive UI with simple configurations. 

LogMeIn Hamachi

As an online gamer, we are often wondering what if our network gets hacked or there is a hacker in the game that can log into our interface and hack our gaming accounts? If you’ve been there, LogMeIn Hamachi is one app that you deliberately need. This app works as a virtual private network that offers secure connections between multiple computers. By activating the app, you create a secure bridge where you can share files, play private games, access servers in a secure environment, stay behind firewalls and in an air-tight P2P protocol. You can also play games with others who are equally secure. 


Some games support an in-built VoIP but others don’t. And if you’re playing online, you desperately need a connection that allows you to connect with friends as you play actively online. TeamSpeak is a great multi-platform VoIP software that helps you interconnect with each other in real-time. The app is remarkably great as it offers more VoIP features than discord and also includes inclusions like military-grade encryption, offline/LAN functionality, private hosting, etc. The app is remarkably great for having long-time discussions without facing any downtime and is quite incredible with its VoIP. 

MSI Afterburner

Do you play AAA titles quite often? If you don’t want to see your GPU get burned out or you do want to overclock your card to an optimal frequency, MSI afterburner is a great app to help you. It helps you control your custom graphic card fan speed and it is one of the great apps for overclocking the GPU. It has remarkable features that allow you to benchmark, record video, customize fan profile and do much more. You can do all that and a whole lot more, free of charge, all thanks to MSI Afterburner. Just download the app, set your custom fan settings and you don’t have to worry about temps again. 


Last but not least, CCleaner is an advanced system cleaner and memory optimizer. It has more than 2.5 billion downloads and is arguably one of the highly popular system cleaners on the planet. The app allows you to manage all of your applications, fix registry issues, create automated backups, perform PC maintenance tasks and do a whole lot more. With CCleaner, you can also check important PC information such as memory details, OS activation status and a whole lot more thanks to Piriform. If you’re a Linux user, you can always use the next best alternative called the Stacer. 

So there you go, here I have listed some of the highly essential apps which every gamer must include in their gaming arsenals. If you want to have a remarkable experience these apps can best contribute. 

Do you find this article interesting? In case you do, let us know which ones you’ve in the comments. 

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  • Not a regular computer that you are thinking about. It needs Ram to actually function. But you could build “computer” that didn’t have RAM and just relied on it’s internal registers and ROM to do some sort of simple tasks.

  • PC by far is much better for games, Mac is centered around making and editing videos and other such nonsense. If you want a gaming computer do not get a name brand one have someone you know help you build one.

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