Fallout 4 Best Weapons

The Fallout 4 Best Weapons to Help You Survive the Onslaught

Enter the wastelands, a world with twisted misfortunes waiting for you at every nook and corner and get your hands on the Fallout 4 Best Weapons . 

Fallout is a game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Here, a vile danger is always waiting to pounce at you around every corner. Even though you are open to tragic incidents that can befall on you at any time, don’t worry! you can still survive the game for longer than you expect.

To do so, what you require is a good weapon which packs a sound damage punch. Keeping that in mind, I have put together this amazing list of some of the unique weapons that will help you survive and thrive. 

The Fallout 4 Best Weapons to Survive in the Game

Let’s check out some of the Fallout 4 Best Weapons to give you quite the massive in-game experience you are seeking.

The Big Boy

Are you a big fan of launchers? Then Big Boy is the best nuclear warhead launcher you will come across in Fallout 4. This launcher is quite similar to Fat Man personal nuclear warhead launcher; however, it launches two nukes in a single shot instead of one at the price of one precious warhead.

If you have played the game, I am sure you are already aware of how rare and expensive nuclear warheads are. 

Where can you find the big boy in Fallout 4?

This boomer can be availed from Arturo Rodriguez in the Diamond City market, but mind you, the rocket launcher is pretty expensive.

So, if you want to play with The Big Boy, start saving early.  

Righteous Authority

This weapon comes as a reward for completing the quest “Call to Arms.”

It is a great weapon because it offers a good choice of weapon modifications. The Righteous Authority is an amazing gun for all Fallout 4 fans out there. It grants players double damage alongside critical hits. Plus, the added modification options just make the Righteous Authority quite the weapon which players can pre-configure to fit their play-style.

The gun spawns with a Lucky Modifier which grants a 15% faster critical meter refill when you are using the weapon with V.A.T.S.

Just use the right mods and turn your maniac mode on!

December’s Child

This gun comes as an exclusive with the Far Harbour DLC and offers a lot of damage. It is a unique combat rifle which comes with an M4 Carbine legendary modification. This modification reduces the weapon’s weight and allows quick maneuvering.

You can switch its caliber to 5.56 instead of using the usual .45 and get a quick-firing rate. With this gun, you get a 25% increased fire-rate and a 15% increased reload speed which makes it a very handy quick kill weapon. 

Where can you find December’s Child?

You can find December’s Child in a Vim! Pop Factory. It is a secluded area which is used as a secret lab by one of the factions. The gun is located in the back of a room adjacent to medical devices. Which room? You will have to find it.

Planning to mod December’s Child so you can be a PRO in Fallout 4? Check out this amazing December’s Child modding video.


ThroatSlicer is considered one of the best melee weapons in the Fallout 4 melee weapon inventory.

This is a Disciples Blade which bears the mark of the legendary wounding affix. It allows the weapon to cause a 25 point bleeding damage. It’s what makes the ThroatSlicer one of the craziest melee weapon in Fallout 4.

And the slicing damage doesn’t stop there, you can even mod it to make it more lethal. The blade contains four damage modifications; Hacking Blade, Knife Blade, Serrated Hacking Blade, and Cutlass blade. Just add any mod and add more lethality to the ultimate Throat Slicer.

Where can you find the Throat Slicer?

Katelyn Alden sells this item at the Nuka-Town Market.

The Problem Solver

Looking for something unique? Go for the amazing Problem Solver. It is a handmade rifle and it comes with the Furious legendary effect.

Each fired round creates massive damage. The damage ratio increases with each consecutive hit. You can turn this gun into an ultimate beast; all you need is to get your hands on the better damage perks like Commando.

How to get The Problem Solver?

To get this gun, you need to purchase the Nuka-World DLC. 

This item can only be availed by passing the Charisma check as Sole Survivor at Masons during the mission, An Ambition Plan. Also, you have to carry out the entire conversation progressing aggressively. 

As a result, Mason will feel inspired and state that you both have a lot in common. If the Charisma check fails, there won’t be another chance to get this rifle again so you have to be careful.

Check out the video on how to get the Problem Solver.


Cryolator is an iconic weapon for you if you are a fan of freezing the enemies. The best thing about Cryolator is that you don’t require perks like Science or Gun Nut perks to upgrade this weapon.

Cryolator fires a stream of liquid nitrogen that freezes the enemy in place. Some enemies can quickly freeze on the spot while others may take time. But, if attach the crystal barrel mode to this gun, you will see some great performance from the weapon. To earn the best results, just get that barrel.

Where can you find Cryolator?

This gun is usually found in the beginning location of the Vault 111. Players can gain access to this boom baby by picking up the Master Lock in the Overseer’s office.

Are you just starting the game? Then Cryolater is a great weapon. 

Check out this video to learn why Cryolator has earned its keep in the Fallout PVP.

The Splattercannon

Last on our list is the uniquely designed Splattercannon. If you learn how to properly mod this weapon, it can cause some serious amount of damage to enemies.

Where can you find The Splattercannon?

Players can easily find the Splattercannon and get it from Aaron Corbett in the Nuka-Town market. If you want to inflict some serious amount of damage, you will have to acquire the Gun Nut perk in-game.

The gun is hardly missable and easy to obtain compared to The Problem Solver. With the right investments, Splattercannon is a gun that packs a whole lot of punch.  

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