Facebook Shares Insight on Its Latest Developments in AR/VR

Are we going to see some new developments take place in the world of AR/VR from the Facebook’s end? 

Just last September, Facebook showcased its efforts in launching a new Project ARIA AR glasses. The glasses were capable of displaying complete digital overlays which one can easily observe through these devices. People could easily track notifications, safety alerts and much more while simply taking a walk down the street. As the product directors working on the glasses revealed that they worked on many different form factors such as a hat or a bracelet; but nothing fulfilled the purpose as effectively as the glasses. The whole idea of establishing the ARIA AR glasses is to help individuals take a deeper delve into the world of research. The glasses are designed to give the closest human perspective. 

ARIA is capable of capturing eco-centric data, the video and audio streams location data which allow devices to see, hear and observe things from the human’s perspective and make decisions accordingly.  

For example, what if there’s a lot of clutter in your room and you’re unable to find the keys for your car, if the glasses recognize what your car key looks like, it can easily identify where it is lying in the mess. 

Here’s what ARIA will show you when you wear it and can’t find your automobile keys.

Now, imagine how it can make navigation significantly easier for you. 

For example, if you want to head on to the library; then instead of activating google maps and keep checking your phone, your glasses can easily guide you through the area right to your spot. 

It will also unlock many other features such as public safety like whether you should walk down the road or not. The glasses will further help in many different ways pertaining how it can help people. 

Similarly, Project ARIA is going to also contribute to responsible innovation. 

Responsible innovation means taking care of the future through collective stewardship of science and innovation in the present.” 

For now, Andrew Bosworth, the head of AR and VR reveals the first glimpse of the glasses. Right now, the team has partnered with Ray-Ban maker Luxottica and is awaiting for its first launch. 

However, Bosworth has mentioned that the first prototype might not be what you expect; 

“These are certainly connected glasses, they are certainly providing a lot of functionality, [but] we’re being quite coy about which functionality precisely we are providing. We’re excited about it but we don’t want to over-hype it. We’re not even calling it augmented reality, we’re just calling it ‘smart glasses,’”

For now, the development is on-going and our fingers are crossed. We are all very eager to learn how things are going to shape up in the future. Facebook is taking a new step into the technological era and we are more than convinced that this particular technology is going to have some real impact on our lives. 

Let’s hope this technology bring wonders for the future world. 

Demi Jenkins

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