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Destiny 2 News: Bungie Should Make Changes in “By Defaults” Before ShadowKeep

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Destiny 2: Shadow Keep is about to release on the 17th of September 2019 and before it comes out fans are seeking some real changes in the Destiny 2 defaults. A recent post covered by Paul Tussi on Forbes stated that Destiny Bungie should consider altering certain aspects in the Shadowkeep era for which fans have desperately waited a long time. Yet, Bungie group hasn’t taken any consideration. 

So what are these Destiny 2 Shadow Keep aspects players are inclined to see? Let’s check them out. 

Remove Blues by Default for Level 50 Players

Are you an active player in Destiny 2? Then you know how managing your inventory for blues can become a real mind-boggling situation. And in case, if you are a leveled up player, someone who has already reached level 50, then there is a strong chance that there are several blue items on your list that are left unused because they have reached level cap ages ago. 

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Paul stated in one of his articles:

“Once you hit max level, currently 50, there should be a toggle that automatically switches on that makes blues auto-dismantle into weapon parts and glimmer when you pick them up.”

What he inclined to say here was that there should be a max level option which allows level 50 players to easily dismantle all the blues into weapon parts with just a click of a button. This auto-dismantle feature will become quite helpful for late-game players. It is not going to be a new concept as it has been applied before in Destiny 1; however, only this time this feature worked for the greens instead of the blues. 

Fans are now so used to dismantling that some of them don’t even pay attention to what they have scored. They simply dismantle the 690 catch-up rewards that they have earned during the questing. 

To be honest, blues aren’t of much worth for high-level players and they only create more clutter. 

Instant Summon for Destiny 2 Sparrows Should be By Default

Paul shared that while he was farming planetary materials in Calus, he switched to ghost mode to trigger his other planetary detectors. However, this switch costed him to lose his instant summon perk on his sparrow. Speaking of sparrows, if you’ve already used them once, you just can’t play without it just like you can’t play without a hoverboard in Warframe’s Orb Vallis. 

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However, the current Destiny 2 limits the player to either play in the ghost mode or limit oneself to instant spawn sparrow. There isn’t much clarity on what new things are going to come forth in the new Shadowkeep release.

But, according to Paul, Destiny 2 should work on its instant summon to stay on by default every time the player switches to ghost mode.

“Once you’ve used an instant spawn sparrow, you literally cannot live without it. It’s just how all sparrows should be, but under the current system, you are then limited in your sparrow or ghost choice because you need one of those two to have the perk for it,”

It will greatly help current Destiny players to switch in ghost without losing the sparrow.

Traction Should Focus on How Movement Works in Game

Just like using a sparrow with instant summon, if you’ve used boots with the traction perk, then you won’t ever want to use boots without the traction perk ever again. The traction perk can increase your sprinting speed dramatically to extreme levels and once you have experienced it, then you won’t ever want to walk normally on foot ever again in Destiny 2. It can turn a little controversial but okay. 

When you’re not using this perk in Destiny 2, then it makes you feel slow and sluggish.

Previously, Destiny 2 has initiated the “go fast” update which resulted in activating guardian speed and regeneration. Fans now want to see traction to work by default, so they can add other perks to boots.  

This will work commendably under the new armor system as it will be quite better for at least pick traction for all your boots. It will be active by default as part of how movement works in the game.

In the end, I would just like to add that there are several other issues but the ones that I have mentioned are the few three which Paul has mentioned in his article. Paul Tussi is an amazing writer who has written the Earthborn Trilogy. The book is pretty awesome as it covers a story of a young man stranded in a post-apocalyptic world which is in the aftermath of an extraterrestrial invasion. The lands are not only devastated but life-form is slowly moving towards extinction. Here, the young man, Lucas is trying to escape the planet with a traitorous alien scientist and a raider named Asha. 

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