Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons

A List of Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons and Armors to Use in Season of Opulence

Destiny 2 is quite an engaging game and introduces a variety of weapons and armors which one can add to their arsenal. And among these weapons and armors, the rarest of them are called destiny 2 exotic weapons and armors. They offer unique perks and extra operational efficiency compared to other legendary.

Apparently, players are allowed to equip only a single exotic armor and exotic weapon at an instance. 

Users can normally find these destiny 2 exotics by completing some hard quests, during events, or behind random loot drops. Here is a list of some random exotic items that we find interesting in-game.

So without further Ado, let’s check all of them out. 

Season of Opulence Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons

For all the Destiny 2’s fans out there, Season of Opulence is the last content on the content roadmap for Destiny 2 this year. It gives access to a brand new Raid, weapons, armors, and a unique 6 player battle mode called the Menagerie. For now, we will only focus on Destiny 2 exotic weapons and armors in-game. 

Let’s get cracking. 

Lumina (Hand Cannon)

Looking for a hand cannon that’s completely opposite to Thorn hand cannon? Look no further than Lumina. It is a Kinetic Hand Cannon that focuses more on the healing aspect than damaging. When you take a kill shot from Lumina, it grants back some sort of remnant that buffs the gun with extra bullets and also partially reloads the magazine. It means you have to spend less time on reloading and more time on taking kill shots of enemies all around you. The revolver packs 12 shot in a single mag.  

If you want to get the Lumina, you will have to complete its own Lumina quest by heading back to EDZ. 

Kephri’s Sting (Hunter Gauntlets) 

Create a smokescreen all around your enemies with just a punch, that’s what Kephri’s Sting allows you to do. When you punch an enemy wearing the Kephri’s Sting with full melee energy, a smoke grenade explodes on contact allowing you to create a smokescreen all around you. Your enemies might not be able to see you but you will still be able to see them and take them out, one by one. 

This item can drop randomly during the season during a random enemy kill or completing any activity.  

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Tarrabah (Sub-Machine Gun)

Tarrabah is a sub-machine gun for players looking to cause massive damage. It is a special kind of submachine gun which works differently compared to other machine-guns. When Tarrabah is fully charged, by holding down the reload button you can easily increase the fire rate, damage and reload speed on the gun. It makes Tarrabah a real damage dealer and with each kill, the guns just get better.  

Tarrabah comes as a random drop from Gahlran. He’s the final boss in the Crown of Sorrow raid. 

Peregrine Greaves (Leg Armour)

Want to pack some extra punch to your dash abilities? Wear the peregrine greaves and inflict some great amount of damage. All you have to do is jump and dash, it only works when you are mid-air.  

This item can drop randomly during the season during a random enemy kill or completing any activity.  

Truth (Rocket Launcher)

Want a stinger like a rocket launcher that can chase your enemy down even in the darkest depths and corners? Truth is a void rocket launcher that gives you just the ability to do that. It packs 3 rockets at an instance in its chamber, and once you lock on an enemy and shoot the launcher, the rockets will chase the enemy down even when the enemy turns a corner. 

Just like Lumina has its own exotic quest, you can also get Truth void Rocket Launcher from its own exotic quest. To start the Truth quest, you will have to complete a Menagerie run and find Awoken script to start the quest. Once you complete the run, open the final chest to gain access to the script.

Astrocyte Verse (Helmet) 

If you’re an agile gamer and love to use the blink ability, astrocyte verse offers you the perfect blink with a shorter cooldown. And that’s the only perk of having an Astrocyte Verse helmet. 

This item can drop randomly during the season during a random enemy kill or completing any activity.  

What’s More in the Season Of Opulence? 

The game content is going to release all throughout the months of June and July. To give you an insight into how the content will be released in the new Season of Opulence, here’s the roadmap.

  • June 4th – Menagerie & Crown of Sorrow
  • June 11th – New Menagerie Boss & Truth Quest
  • June 18th – New Menagerie Boss & Iron Banner Quest
  • June 25th – Menagerie Heroic Mode
  • July 2nd – Lumina Quest
  • July 9th – Tribute Hall & Moments of Triumph
  • July 30th – Solstice of Heroes

The Menagerie

As far as the Menagerie is concerned, it is a six-man matchmade activity which will allow payers to face off hordes of enemies and some real badass powerful bosses. To enter Menagerie, you will require a Chalice of Opulence which you will receive from Calus. You will then head into the Menagerie and will earn special runes on defeating enemies. Runes can be then traded to earn special rewards. 

You can also upgrade your Chalice of Opulence using a new currency called “Imperial.” The more you upgrade your Chalice, the greater are the chances of earning powerful rewards.

Check out this amazing trailer of what you are about to experience in the Season of Opulence.

Do you think these exotics are good enough? Let us know what you feel about them in the comments below.

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