Six Technology Trends that are Making the Frontline in 2020

We are finally entering a new age, a new decade has dawned upon us as we say goodbye to the teenage years of the new millennium. Just like everything is about to accelerate, we are about to see some massive...

Wix vs Shopify: Which is the Best Platform to Create Interactive Websites?

The online market is vast and with so many new websites circulating the Internet, we as an average user can easily get overwhelmed by which option should we choose to build our very own website. The ultimate...

A New Wave of Hi-Tech Contact Lenses are Revolutionizing the Eye-Wear Technology

As far as wearable vision correction goes, contact lenses wins the game. The remarkably thin lenses are unobtrusive, invisible to all, convenient, and pain-free. Their discreet design has attracted the...

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