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Best Web Design Software in 2020 to Help You Build the Perfect Websites

Web design software enables just about anyone to create the perfect website that befits their needs. Long gone are the days when you had to hire a separate designer and a developer to design and code your website.

We have now stepped into an era overruled by technology. It has mitigated the complexities of learning complicated HTML, CSS and PHP codes to create the perfect website for business.

Now, we have self-powered web design software capable of doing just that and much more. 

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Back in the days, you’d have to delve into writing up difficult lines of code just to create a basic template. However now, things have drammatically changed; anyone can now create a website using a simple free web design tool.

The Internet is full of website building software which enables you to design websites quickly and effectively. Today, we are going to share some of the best web design software in 2020 which can help you build full-fledged websites. So buckle up and get ready to read about em. 

Top 6 Web Design Tools to Make Your Website Standout from the Rest


Weebly has earned itself a position by becoming a popular web designing and development software. It can be used for creating general websites, online eCommerce stores, portfolio websites, product-based websites, corporate websites, restaurant websites, photography websites, etc.

The software has served more than a million users on the Internet and has made its mark on the Internet. 

The unique thing about Weebly is that this website builder is a simple drag and drop tool. Creating a website on Weebly is as easy as just putting pieces together in a puzzle.

Using its ultra-friendly drag & drop interface, users never have to invest even a single second in creating or optimizing any codes. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hosting since the developers have every website hosted internally. 


Squarespace is something that you can term as the modern-day high-school student. Flashy and hip on the outside but not that exciting or diverse on the inside.

We found Squarespace a software that strikes a chord somewhere between Wix and Weebly. It offers the perfect ease of use and offer high-quality design. One place where it really does outshine is for all small to medium businesses. 

The Squarespace editor isn’t as intuitive as Wix’s or Weebly’s. You may have to work a little hard to get a proper grasp on the platform.

The platform has a fair amount of add-ons, some really great looking templates, and quite amazing web design tools. It is a universally styled editor that favors photo editing and enables you to create highly responsive websites. Also, it has a great customer support. 

Adobe Dreamweaver

Now, this is an advanced web design software tool offering a separate screen that allows you to write codes and design your favorite web templates.

The platform also includes a drag and drop section which allows you to create your favorite web design and you can view it too with the live preview. It allows you to use both the features together, by simply using the drag and drop option to adjust.   

Adobe Dreamweaver is a great tool for web designing for just about everyone. From beginner to advanced-level individuals, everyone is able to create great web designs using very little coding skills. 


Are you a design enthusiast who uses Mac to create aesthetically pleasing websites? Sketch is a great tool for all Mac owners out there.

Not only is Sketch the perfect professional tool that keeps your mind focused at creating world-class design templates but it also allows you to diverse your spectrum when it comes to website design. You can use vector images, high-resolution images and what not to make some of the best web design baton rouge.

It has a simple and easy to use toolbar which offers quite the flexibility to a user to create some remarkably pleasing websites.

The program comes with a mirroring feature which further allows users to test the web design template on a variety of devices. 

So when you are designing a website on Sketch, be 100% assured that it will be fully responsive. 


Canva is not a website builder but it is a free designing tool. Canva contains some really illustrative, highly interactive and remarkably appealing artwork to create the perfect designs.

There is a variety in only the free version of the software to give you a commendable ability to create the perfect images. Add as many images to your site content as you want, create hundreds of different web templates. 

This is a great designing tool for all those who are interested in creating remarkable designs. With a bit of flexibility, you can create just the type of website you want without putting much effort.

All of these images are going to be well-supported by your web template so fear not when you use them. 

The premium version of the app takes your designing experience to a whole new next level. 


The last one on our list for the day is Divi. It is a WordPress theme builder and also an incredible web design software. It has a very intuitive and creative drag and drop builder which allows users to create custom web templates in a commendable manner.

Divi has a variety of pre-built templates that allow users to build just about any website theme they want. You can build restaurant websites, cafe websites, fitness websites, corporate websites, medical websites, financial websites, and whatnot. 

It has an advanced visual editor that allows you to customize each and every one of your templates. You can use the effects, shape dividers, transformation tools and a whole lot more to create perfect art.

Some term Divi as a point and click tool. You can find dozens of interesting options such as content blocks, global elements, style options and other designing options only on Divi. 


PhotoADKing is a graphic design tool which is designed for both novice and advanced users who wish to make photo albums quickly.

It has a clean and engaging interface that allows you to make good quality photo albums (resizing, exposure adjustment, effects, and so on).

You can easily make a flyer, poster, brochure, business card and other marketing collateral in zero cost. It also provides short marketing video templates for businesses to promote their brand on other channels.

From social media posts to printing materials, PhotoADKing lets freelancers, designers, and small businesses create stunning templates.

It provides free and flexible designs in a very straightforward manner, all of which are created by experienced graphic designers. And its premium edition elevates your design experience to an entirely new level.

So if you haven’t made up your mind yet, Divi might just be the perfect cookie for your designer bag. 

Demi Jenkins

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