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The Best Watercolor Brushes for PhotoShop to Create Real-Life Incredible Designs

An artist’s skills and his capability to create a masterpiece can be well-gauged from the artwork he creates. 

And to create the perfect art, an artist requires a powerful tool. For an artist, this tool is none other but the ultimate and the most realistic watercolor brushes used in Photoshop. Are you seeking to create the perfect digital masterpieces that can send waves of excitement across the Internet? If you’re then here is just the collection which can help you create the world’s best digital artwork masterpiece ever. 

Check out our list which includes some premium level brush sets of the best quality and available in the budget. So without further ado, let’s check out these top-quality brushes for you to paint it all up.

WoodLand WonderLand Brush with Tutorial

The WoodLand WonderLand Brush is a class-apart Photoshop brushes which includes over 31 diversified brushes to help you paint the perfect digital image. If you ever want to create a realistic looking image on Photoshop, then you will simply be amazed what wonders this brush can do for you. The brushes are an inspiration from the Golden Book illustrations, and they are available in three different options. The Golden Book illustration offers free quick reference guide and updates forever. 

If you purchase the premium version of these brushes, then you can simply add four tutorials to your pack. It will help you learn how you can make the best use of the WoodLand WonderLand Brushes. 

With the Deluxe option, you get exclusive 60 minute webinar from one of the best design enthusiasts. 

The three packages are $19 (Basic), $29 (Premium) $47 (Deluxe).

PhotoShop WaterColor Splatter Brushes

If you want access to a watercolor brush which enables you to add splatter-effect to your web design, then you don’t have to look any further than the PhotoShop’s WaterColor Splatter Brushes. This large-scale brush design is ideal to add some realistic watercolor artwork effect. It’s absolutely free to use and can be magnanimously used for both personal and commercial projects. 

The only downside of using these brushesis that it doesn’t allow you to redistribute the brushes. You can’t modify them or resell them. This is not something new or different because you can’t do it with any other brush either. 

Aquaflow WaterColor Brushes

This is not just a single watercolor brush but a bundle set including a variety of brushes and vectors. This particular brush bundle consists of 54 vector brushes. The AquaFlow Watercolor brushes is one of a kind brush set which allows you to create watercolor elements on Adobe and Illustrator. 

With AquaFlow, you can easily design various vector shapes, create interesting seamless texture patterns and create a multitude of Photoshop layer styles which adds more lustre to your design. 

50 PhotoShop Watercolor Brushes

If you want to add more color to your poster designs and create remarkably creative backgrounds, the 50 Photoshop Watercolor brushes is the perfect bundle which includes different watercolor designs. All of the watercolor designs from these Photoshop brushes are available in high-resolution for use.

To use these 50 Photoshop Watercolor brushes, you have to sign-up for Envato Elements. 

69 WaterColor Brushes for Photoshop

Time to enhance your creations with the best creative set of high-quality watercolor brushes available on Photoshop. With this amazing brush-set, you can add texture, add spice and an element of realism to your work. You can use any of the 69 presets which are being offered in the pack to create artwork. 

It also includes a Cheat-sheet PSD file from where you can easily copy & paste watercolors in high res. This PSD file is also very useful and does not support the new 5000px brushes, allowing product to be used by all Photoshop owners. 

Aurora WaterColor Brush Collection for Photoshop

Aurora includes a collection of unique watercolor Photoshop brushes which features a set of light brushes. If you are an enthusiastic Photoshop image builder, the Aurora can add increased texture to design, create remarkable patterns, craft interesting backgrounds and do a whole lot more. 

The Aurora pack is an outstanding brush collection which contains 45 different brush sizes which range from 2000 to 4000 px. You can create own masks on Instagram or background textures. 

These Watercolor brushes are simply incredible for designing invitation cards, mood boards, and typography decor. You can even use the Aurora collection to add a reverie of watercolors. When it comes to design minor detailing decides everything and a complete toolbox with a lovely collection of watercolor brushes is all you will ever have to consider in order to create stunning digital imagery. 

Artistic Studio Watercolor Toolkit

This is the final  chapter of the artistic color toolkit; a watercolor brush set which allow modern day designers to create seamless watercolor textures, vector shapes and illustrations, seamless paper backgrounds, native tools for Photoshop and Illustration. You can do any creative project which you may like to take up on. There are several pro-grade resources which works together to deliver you perfectly designed assets. It allows you to use a combination of illustration and decorations which speaks that you’re serious about your digital designs. 

As far as what is included in the following brush set is concerned, here’s everything you get with the following watercolor toolkit available in the market. 

  • 38 Seamless Pastel Textures (PAT, JPG, AI C++);
  • 16 Hand-Drawn Vector Rectangle Shapes (PNG, PSD, AI, EPS);
  • 35 Hand-Drawn Vector Strokes (PNG, PSD, AI, EPS);
  • 16 Hand-Drawn Splash Vectors (PNG, PSD, AI, EPS);
  • 16 Hand-Drawn Circles (PNG, PSD, AI, EPS);
  • 6 Spray Splashes (PNG, PSD, AI, EPS);
  • 35 Photoshop Brushes (ABR);

So there you go, here are the best watercolor brushes which are the best in the market. Not only are you going to love them but, you will definitely create diverse digital experiences that are remarkable. 

Demi Jenkins

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