Best Top Gear Episodes

Are You a Top Gear Fan? Here are the Best Top Gear Episodes to Watch

The BBC’s Top Gear TV show has some of the best top gear episodes to watch and is one of the much-anticipated TV programs for the American population. Whether you are a motor enthusiast who loves vehicle design or you’re a real speed junky, Top Gear is the best TV show out there for you to watch. It has all the motor crazy elements one can only imagine. 

But, of course, some episodes of the show leaves far behind others and they are rated the best too. And instead of binge-watching the whole thing, we would love to watch only the episodes that created a real thrill for the viewers. So today, we have picked a few favorite segments from the best top gear episodes of all time just for you. 

Best Top Gear Episodes for All Top Gear Fans Out There

So without further ado let’s check on some of the best top gear episodes from the Top Gear TV show. 

Africa Special

This is a special episode because Dr. Chris scores a remarkable opportunity of a lifetime. He gets the chance to visit Africa and do a show specifically with the wild animals. He meets Kevin Richardson in this episode who takes him to the Kingdom of the White Lion Sanctuary. The amazing thing about the episode was that Chris had the chance to perform a facial tumor surgery on two of the White Lions. Apparently, Kevin never told Chris that their last vet got bitten because the lion woke up during surgery

Vietnam Special 

It was a 75-minute long episode broadcasted back in December of 2008 on BBC Two. In the following episode, the travelers traveled all around Vietnam on three motorbikes. In the show, Jeremy rode around Vietnam on a Scooter while Richard and James rode motorbikes. Throughout their trip, the host had to perform numerous interesting challenges. In the show, they also took a driving test in Vietnam where Richard rarely got the correct answers. James got all his answers completely wrong. 

Bolivia Special 

In this episode, the trio took a trip to the Bolivian rainforest. They traveled into the rainforest in three shabby 4x4s. Apparently, later on, it was found out that all three vehicles were purchased on the Internet because they found them on a local small ad. Each jeep cost them around 3500 pounds each. They drove the vehicles from the heart of the city to the coast of Chile. During this travel, they encountered drug lords and went through high altitudes and dangerous drops of the infamous Death Road.

Attempt to Destroy Toyota Hilux

In this episode, the trio worked together and performed a Toyota Hilux Challenge. They took a Toyota Hilux for a ride and really assessed whether the vehicle is really indestructible or not. Jeremy drove the Mazda RX 8 whereas James drove the Fiat Panda and was really surprised to learn that it doesn’t crumble into bits. In the show, Richard had his chance to check out the Volkswagen Corrado VR6 and the Mercedes 190E 2.5 16 Cosworth. Jeremy, later on, tested the Toyota Hilux for durability in the show. He drove the giant into a wall, into a tree, hit it with a wrecking ball, dropped it and set it on fire. 

$1000 American Car Road Trip 

In this special episode, Jeremy, James, and Richard plan a fly-drive holiday in which they all agree to purchase cars. So during their visit to America, the trio decides that they should purchase cars instead of hiring them. The twist here is that every car which they are about to purchase is going to cost them no more than $1000. The trip starts in Miami and then they travel down to Mississippi and Alabama. Till they reach the end of their journey and make a stop at New Orleans. This one was fun to watch. 

BritCar 24 Hour Endurance Race

In this episode, Jeremy, James, and Richard all three of the taking part in the Britcar race. It is a 24-hour endurance car race which takes place in Silverstone. In this episode, James takes a ride to Budapest race in the new Fiat 500  against boys on BMXs and Stig. And then takes the Ascari A10 on the Top Gear track for a Power Lap. In this episode, Keith Allen is the Star who drives around a reasonably priced car and make it around the track. This episode is also worth a watch so don’t miss. 

The Stretch Limo Episode Top Gear

Why hire a Limo when you have the chance to create one of your very own! In this episode, the trio works together to create their own Limo car. The boys collected parts from different cars and then joined them up to create a remarkable Limo. To do so, they took two Ford Mustangs and then cut them up, later on joining them together to create the perfect Limo. It wasn’t just a car but it was something Europeans can look smug driving around in! They called it the Billie Piper 🙂 

Top Gear is a fun show to watch for all the car lovers out there. It is a classy show where the trio is always out to do some adventures. Some shows are worth a watch and Top Gear is definitely one of them. Are you a hardcore fan of Top Gear? Then these are the best top gear episodes which are definitely worth a watch. 

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