Do You Own a Microsoft Surface Go? Here are Some Accessories to Purchase Along with It

If you’re not an Apple fan but yet want to keep a more budget version of the new iPad, Microsoft Surface Go is your way in. With the all-new Microsoft Surface Go, you get a 10-inch screen with ultimate features. It is a two in one device which can easily transform into a laptop at your need and is basically available in the form of a tabloid. The Microsoft Surface Go was first launched back in 2018 and since the time of its release it has turned out as a successful device for all those who are eager to have an iPad experience. 

It has pretty much the same features that the normal Surface Pro has but all of that, at half the price. 

If you take a look at the device from the outside, the construction of both the gadgets is almost identical.  The only difference between the two is that both the devices differ in size. 

Have you already decided to purchase the Microsoft Surface Go then no laptop or tabloid is complete until it does not have the best accessories to go along with? Here are some accessories that I believe you should purchase along with the Microsoft Surface Go device so it complements it in the best manner. 

Surface Go Type Cover

While your Surface Go looks and feels just like another tabloid, you can easily transform it into a laptop whenever you want. With the new Surface Go Type Cover, you can now easily connect a keyboard device to your Surface Go gadget. It has a backlit keyboard & different configurations. It also comes with a precision touchpad for easy navigation on your Surface Go device. So if you want a keyboard Type Cover that readily transforms your Surface Go device into a fully functional laptop, then here’s the best bet. 

Surface Dock

Need a dock to attach additional USB ports to your Microsoft Surface Go device, get the best out of it with the all-new Surface Dock. It comes with two mini display ports, four USB-A 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. It has all the necessary ports that one must require to transform its Surface Go gadget into a complete laptop experience. The best thing about the Surface Dock is it’s very easy to connect with the tabloid. You will need a Surface Connect cable and once plugged in, it will power it up. 

Surface Go Earbuds

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music right? If you do prefer to listen to songs and want to cash on the best video watching experience on your Surface Go device, it’s best that you buy yourself a pair of the all-new Surface Go Earbuds. It brings remarkable features to control the sound while listening to your favorite songs. There’s also one more perk of using the Surface Go earbuds and that is the everlasting battery life. Haven’t purchased a pair of headphones yet, it’s best that you buy Surface Go Earbuds now. 

Surface Mouse

Who wouldn’t love to add a mouse to your Surface Go device, especially when you’re a designer? The all-new Surface Go Mouse is available in the market in three different colors. It is available in burgundy, light gray, and cobalt blue. Surface Mouse is one of the cheapest mouse options created by Microsoft. Attaching this mouse to your Surface Go platform is very easy and straight-forward, you can connect this mouse using a Bluetooth and voila that’s just about it. You’re all good to go as it automatically connects. The small and slim design of the mouse makes it a very attractive option for those who like to travel. 

The Xbox Wireless Controller

Are you an avid gamer? How about you add an Xbox wireless controller to your Surface Go device. Yes, if you like to play games then Surface Go can definitely help you with that. It is fully compatible with the Xbox Wireless Controller which connects with your Surface Go device using Bluetooth technology. To connect the controller, you don’t have to use any connectors to stick in your gadget, just turn on the Bluetooth feature on your gadget and turn the controller on which will automatically sync and connect. Need the perfect feel of gaming on your Surface Go gadget, get yourself the Xbox wireless controller now. 

Caison Sleeve

To provide maximum protection to your Surface Go device, nothing serves the purpose as attractively as the Caison sleeve. It is specifically designed to adjust the Surface Go and is available in a variety of colors in the market. It’s a soft sleeve and very comfortable to touch. The best thing about carrying your Surface Go device in this sleeve is that it will ensure your device stays absolutely free from all scratches. To some extent, it will keep your gadget secure from short drops as well. The Surface Go itself is a slim device and with the sleeve on, it looks slimmer so you can easily slide it into your bag and walk around. 

So there you go here are some of my favorite accessories that I believe are essential to carry if you own a Microsoft Surface Go. Are there any other accessories that are of interest? Feel free to share them. 

Demi Jenkins

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