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The Best Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapters You Should Consider Purchasing in 2019

Among some of the great gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch has earned a significant position overtime. The best thing about playing games on the Gamecube Controller is the versatility it offers to its users. You can choose between a Joy-Con controller, a controller turned sideways or you can choose a two Joy-Con controller in a Grip along with separate GameCube Controller Adapter. It’s what sets GameCube Nintendo stand apart from the rest of the gaming machines on the market.

However, when you are playing on your Nintendo GameCube, you really don’t want to keep switching it off and charging it. For that, you need a great charging solution for your GameCube controller. Keeping your requests in mind, here are some of the best GameCube controller Adapters present in the market.  

Pdopq Adapter

This adapter closely resembles the official Nintendo adapter. It is called Pdobq adapter and is a little bit smaller in size compared to the Nintendo’s official adapter. However, it performs the same way just as Nintendo’s official adapter does. It is a special kind of GameCube controller adapter which supports four wired Gamecube controllers. To use this adapter, you won’t require any separate driver to be downloaded and use it on the Switch. It’s quite compatible with other console games such as Wii U, PC, and Mac. You can easily switch between console and PC with just a press of a button. They also include the rumble and turbo features, these are applicable across all GameCube controllers. 

MayFlash Adapter

The MayFlash is also a pretty cool adapter which was initially introduced back in 2015 for Wii U. However, due to its significant popularity, it became one of the most widely recognized Gamecube adapters. This adapter has a box-shaped design which makes it quite unique from other adapters. It is quite appealing to some GameCube Switch Controller owners. The Mayflash adapter has four inputs and just like Pdopq Adapter, it works with all platforms such as Switch, Wii U, PC, and Mac. The MayFlash is a plug and plays design and you don’t need any drivers to run it. It has pretty much the same features as Pdopq Adapter, the only difference between the two are the design, look and feel. 

8bitDo Gbros Adapter

This Nintendo Gamecube adapter is quite different compared to other Retro accessories in the market. It is a uniquely different option as it looks supremely different from other Nintendo adapters. It looks and feels like an oversized dongle and comes in the original color of GameCube indigo. The 8bitDo Gbros is an ideal adapter for all those who are looking forward to playing solo games. It is a great adapter as it easily syncs with your Switch wirelessly. It runs on two AA batteries and gives up to 30 hours of game-time. Another great thing about the adapter is that it provides the screenshot button. So now, if you ever want to take a screenshot on your Gamecube, just press the button and voila. 

The YTeam Gaming Controller Adapter

Last but certainly not least on our list for the day is the YTeam Gaming Controller Adapter. When it comes to functionality, this adapter pretty much mimics the Mayflash adapter which makes it a viable choice for all the GameCube players out there. The one significant advantage of this adapter is that it doesn’t look trashy at all compared to other charging adapters. It has quite a sturdy design and the chassis on this adapter also doesn’t look unprofessional. It’s not just looks that make the adapter stand out because you can easily attach this adapter to a Wavebird controller as well. The microchip on this adapter is designed to easily switch support from Wii to Mac to PC to Nintendo Switch.

Official Nintendo Adapter

Nintendo released its official Nintendo adapter alongside Super Smash Bros. It is an adapter that carries on with the all-new Nintendo from the Wii U era. The adapter is unbelievably amazing and was quite favored by fans. Hence, it vanished from the stores in just over a matter of a few months. If you want an adapter that works just fine with all your Nintendo machines, then the official Nintendo adapter is a great option. It is easy to spot among other many adapters as it comes with a Nintendo logo. However, the one with the Nintendo logo is a bit more expensive compared to one without logo. 

So there you go, here are some of the best GameCube controller adapters available in the market. Do you find something that interests you? Just head-on to Amazon and purchase the one you love. 

Demi Jenkins

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