Best Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons

The 7 Best Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons for Expert Gamers

When was the last time you played Mass Effect? Has it been a while! Well, this action role-playing sci-fi game developed under the supervision of BioWare has come a long way. One of the best things about playing Mass Effect: Andromeda is the range of weapons the game has to offer its players. There are seldom games specifically designed with some massively damaging weapons and Mass Effect is one of them. There are so many options to check out for an average player that he/she can easily get overwhelmed. So today we are going to discuss some of the best mass effect Andromeda weapons that players can make the most of.

So without further Ado, let’s begin.

7 Best Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons to Wreak Havoc

We have put together this amazing list of powerful weapons that players can make the best use of, in-game. Guns in Mass Effect revolves around crafting your own weapon. It means you will have to be prepared for a lot of scavenger’s hunts and assembling “research data” to unlock them. Here’s an amazing treat for your eyes, the most powerful and versatile weapons. 

The Valkyrie Assault Rifle V

Looking for something with high accuracy and good precision, look no further than the precision beast itself, the Valkyrie. It’s your one-stop-shop gun for all that can take out massive waves of enemies with precise shots. Are you quick, fast and crazy with guns? Valkyrie is one of the best in the best mass effect andromeda weapons arsenal. You can now easily drop enemies from a distance without hassle. 

Naladen Sniper Rifle

Dealing with a sniper rifle is not easy unless you’re a professional camper. However, if your aim is good and you want to explode heads on impact, the Naladen fires round with exploding effect. The very moment, the sniper rifle bullet pierces the skull of your enemy, the impact creates a blast exploding heads to smithereens which is quite the eye candy. It is a great weapon to bring down big enemies. Also, you can switch it to close range and blast the enemy right in the chest with this gun. 

The Falcon Assault Rifle V

Want an action-packed assault rifle that also comes with a grenade launcher? In Andromeda, there are basically a handful number of guns which shoots bomb and create massive damage. Such guns are really helpful when you want to inflict some good amount of collateral damage to your enemies. In no time, you can wipe out waves after waves by inflicting massive damage blasting them to oblivion. 

Isharay Sniper Rifle

Even though the Isharay Sniper rifle has a slow reloading time, it is a great weapon that packs a lot of power. To unleash that power, all you have to do is just upgrade the weapon. It inflicts some massive amount of damage to your enemies and can even crush them with insane power. Among many other sniper rifles present in the mass effect weapons repository, Isharay sniper rifle is a weapon that you certainly don’t want to miss. Just make sure that you time your shots perfectly or you will suffer. 

Reegar Carbine Shotgun

Like any other shotgun, Reegar packs ultimate power to break down enemy shields in just a single shot. It is one of the best weapons for front line shotgunners who are aiming to get their hands on one of the big daddies. It comes with electrically charged blasts which can damage nearby enemies. It packs a lot of powerful punch and is very versatile and damaging compared to a standard shotgun. In my opinion, Reegar is mass effect andromeda’s best shotgun available in the weapon arsenal. 

The Equalizer SMG

The equalizer is ready to kill SMG which comes with specific functions. It is a great gun for quickly killing enemies with a simultaneous firing mode. It’s the Best Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons to destroy enemy shields at close range. The equalizer is a nice SMG because it never runs out of ammo. All you have to do is keep an eye out that the weapon does not overheat. Want to bring down enemy defenses? The equalizer can do it for you. This gun can be the ultimate addition to your weapon arsenal if you want to get in close.

The Scorpion Pistol

How much damage can a simple pistol inflict on a player seeking to make a kill, well if you ask me the Scorpion Pistol is a massive weapon which can be one of the highly punishing pistols in the Mass Effect weapon arsenal. Just mix and match pistol shotting with grenades and you will be creating multiple casualties in a very less amount of time. If you don’t have any issues with managing a slow firing rate, then this pistol can be a great addition to your loadout. 

Mass Effect is a great game for shooting frenzy individuals. With the right set of weapons up in your arsenal, you can inflict some great damage to your enemies, especially the big ones that Andromeda Galaxy has in store. From shooting to melee, this game packs just about everything to help you fight remarkable battles. Above discussed are the few Best Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons to help you play Mass Effect smoothly.

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