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11 Best Ethernet Cables to Use for Internet Connection in 2020

If you have a steady Internet connection, then I believe you are quite aware of how important it is to get a  good ethernet cable. While computing experiences may differ among individuals, only a few individuals truly understand the importance of getting the right ethernet cable for their internet. After all, purchasing the right ethernet cable can make all the difference. It provides a stable connection, high-speed internet, flawless delivery, and whatnot. In case, you’re stuck with deciding which one can be the best option for your network! Here are the 11 best Ethernet cables you might want to consider. 

  1. Jadaol Cat 6 Flat Cable
  2. Cable Matters Cat 6 Multi-Color Cables
  3. Matein Cat 7 Flat Cable
  4. Cable Geeker Cat 7 Multi-Color Pack
  5. Jadaol Cat 7 Flat Cable
  6. DanYee Cat 7 Braided Cable
  7. Amazon Basic Cat 6 Round Cable
  8. ShineKee Cat 7 Outdoor Cable
  9. Ultra Clarity Cables Cat 6 Cable Pack
  10. Vandesail CAT 7 Flat Cable
  11. CableGeeker CAT 6 Flat Multi-Color Pack

1- Jadaol Cat 6 Flat Cable

Jadoal is one of the best companies in the Ethernet cable market. It offers plenty of room and length at a remarkably fair price. This is a flat cable which has a durable life. Durability is what makes this cable one of the best options for its users. The extended length of the cable allows you to wind it around the house successfully. Another great thing about the cable is that it comes with a separate packet of clips which you can use to clip the wire anywhere on the wall. Hence, you not only get the cable but a complete solution to install it as well. Both the ends of the cable contain the RJ45 connector. Both connectors are protected with rubber guard so the cable doesn’t snap at the end anytime. This is one of the most reliable cables on the market as it is truly powerful for the Ethernet. 

2- Cable Matters Cat 6 Multi-Color Cables

If you want a more simple Ethernet wiring in your home setup where you don’t have to deal with too much cable, Cable Matters has just the product for you. It brings Ethernet cables in packs of five and apparently, each cable available in the pack is of a different color. In case, you ever want to plug or unplug a variety of devices, this cable can be helpful as it can help you identify which connects which device. If you’re working in a data center or an IT infrastructure, you will understand why different colored cables are so significant. All the Cable Matter cables are available in a variety of sizes ranged in between 1 foot up to 14 feet. Since all of these cables are super savvy and are CAT 6 models, you can have all the speed you want. So, if you are looking to diversify your Ethernet use, here’s something. 

3- Matein Cat 7 Flat Cable

When it comes to Ethernet, it is not just Jadaol which keeps the lion’s share in the flat cable market. Matein is another name that brings the best quality cables at a very affordable price. Is there some sort of a difference between both the CAT 7 Cables? I would say there isn’t quite much of a difference. Both come with full support for 10 Gbps data transmission for long-distance and both are available at a reasonable price in the market. This is a 50-foot long cable and you also get 20 clips to attach the cable anywhere on the wall. If you’re looking for another cable that is equally durable and reliable just as much as Jadaol is, the Matein Cat 7 Flat cable is quite an interesting option for you to pick. 

4- Cable Geeker Cat 7 Multi-Color Pack

Just like Cable Matter, Cable Geeker also brings different color-coded cables to your doorstep. However, these cables are shorter in size and only limit to five-foot cables. They are available in black, light blue, white, yellow, green and red as well. All of the cables in the pack are flat cables so they come in real handy when you’re installing them on tight bends. The Cat 7 cables are generically known for the speed they offer. They come in different colors which makes them a preferred choice among IT specialists. The best thing about the cable is that they turn out to be a wonderful option for connecting a series of high-bandwidth devices operational in a small area of devices. With these cables, you can easily connect the router, Smart TV, game consoles, modems, and even a computer. 

5- Jadaol Cat 7 Flat Cable

If you prefer speed over power than Jadaol Cat 7 is the best option. This Ethernet cable comes in multiple lengths and is available in both black as well as white option. If you are using this cable to connect a computer to a router, then it is a mistake. This cable is powerful so I recommend you use it to connect the router to a modem or attach a network switch to a router. Just like the Cat 6, this cable is also a flat cable and comes with a separate nail clip package so you get a complete installation. You can easily clip it against any wall of your choice, any flooring or ceiling. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about its durability as this cable is very strong & sturdy. 

6- DanYee Cat 7 Braided Cable

Not all cables look plain utilitarian and come with plastic inside and a rubbery outside. DanYee is a great looking braided Cat 7 class Ethernet cable which makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing cables in the market. It weaves a number of colorful strands into a single braided cable. You can get different color combinations such as (black-white, blue-white-black, white-black) and many more. It has multiple designs each is more pleasing to the eye compared to the other. In fact, there is even a gold-colored cable if you want something unique and interesting. The different colors on the cable make it look more functional. The colorful braided design is what makes it more attractive for the consumer. So this is not just a good looking cable but also offers great functionality to its users. 

7- Amazon Basic Cat 6 Round Cable

If you are not looking for aesthetics and can manage with a normal-looking cable, then Amazon has got your back covered. The Amazon basic Cat 6 round cable is a basic design that features all the major benefits a person may expect from an Ethernet cable. The cable comes at a very reasonable price and is available in a variety of sizes. You can get your hands on the cable in the form of multi-packs. Amazon brings different sized cables for its users in different bundles. You can find them in 3 ft, 5ft, 10ft, 14ft, 25ft, and 50ft models. So here you have plenty of options to choose from. If you have a mind for something specific, then Amazon Basic is the best option with a 1-year warranty. 

8- ShineKee Cat 7 Outdoor Cable

Not every cable is designed for indoor use. Some of the cables are made of more rigid material. One among them is none other but the ShineKee Cat 7 Outdoor Cable. It is a remarkable cable that is available in a variety of options. The cable is specifically designed to deal with harsh weather conditions and can withstand cold and heat alike. The shortest of these cables is 25 feet in length and the length extends up to 200 feet. It is a great cable for all those searching to connect a garage or a guest house with the Internet. It can easily run along with any structure and you can even bury it underground. This cable is quite a remarkable option for all those looking for a good 10Gbps connection. So if you’re someone living in Canada, this Ethernet cable can be a reliable option for you. 

9- Ultra Clarity Cables Cat 6 Cable Pack

As mentioned above, CAT 6 is a decent Ethernet cable that is specifically designed to offer speed. They come in two color codes, black and blue. They are available in the market in a variety of sizes. These Ethernet cables range in between three feet to 25 feet. Each pack of the following cable features two sets of cables (black and white) so it becomes easier for the person to select one for the router and one for the network switch. If you are working in a networking environment, they are quite a good pick as the color-coding eases up the color selection. These cables are backed with a year’s warranty. 

10- Vandesail CAT 7 Flat Cable

If you’re looking for speed then look no further than the Vandesail Cat 7 Flat cable. Not only do these cables offer you good speed, but you also get some great style options which fit exactly to your requirements. These assortments will make sure that you can easily help differentiate b/w cables. The CAT 7 Ethernet cables are available in both white and black color codes. They are even braided with an orange accent near the connector. The connector attaches near the end where there is a cross-hatched design. All of these cables have a cross-hatched design which makes them a preferred choice. Vandesail also comes with two options. There is a CAT7A as well as CAT8 cables.

11- CableGeeker CAT 6 Flat Multi-Color Pack

Do you like the idea of working with multi-colored Ethernet cables? Do you think 5 feet will be enough cable to create a stable connection? If you do then, my guess is that you’re pretty much in luck. The CAT 6 Ethernet cable is a multi-colored Ethernet cable that comes in different colors. The pack includes Ethernet cable in black, white, yellow, red and light blue color. All of these cables are flat and they can be easily bent around any sharp corners. All of these cables are available at a very affordable price. All of these cables are available at an impressive price and for a pack of five cables, you can get a lifetime cable warranty from the CableGeeker. These cables are even better than the CAT 7 cables. 

So there you go, here are the 11 best Ethernet cables to offer you world-class Internet connection.

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