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Best Alexa Tips & Tricks to Make the Most out of Your Home Assistant

Whether you use  Amazon Echo, Echo Spot, Dot, Tap, Show, Input or any other home assistant device powered by Alexa, there is so much to do with the smart home assistant, more than you can imagine. 

More than a quarter of the U.S population has Amazon Alexa powered assistants in their homes. 

According to Alpine AI customers, people ask a whole lot of questions from this smart assistant. From searching up their favorite playlists to preparing the best meals from good recipes, Alexa helps them with everything their minds want them to do. Alexa has become a major source of revenue for Amazon. It brings a sufficient amount of profit to the table from different Amazon Prime members. 

It has captured almost 70% of the voice market share in the expansively ever-growing digital world. 

This information was revealed in a report published by Consumer Intelligence Research Partner.

Are you about to purchase Alexa? Here are a few interesting tips and tricks to help you get savvy with Alexa smart home-assistant. 

How to Use Echo Dot?

Echo Dot is a tool that hardly costs around $50 in the market. It is the third generation tool which one of the best smart assistant tools to purchase. It has a portable design, and it delivers fantastic audio based on its size. Also, the tool is merely incredible for Alexa users who actively use it at home.

Setting up the Echo dot on Amazon hardly takes just a few minutes.

Do You Know You Can Change the Alexa Home Assistant “Wake Word“?

Even though the term Alexa has become quite a norm with all new Amazon Echo, but that certainly does not mean that you should also be using it. In fact, you can change the wake word for the Alexa. 

Maybe your name is Alex and the Echo keeps on getting confused when someone calls your name. Or maybe you keep a pet whom you named Alexa and actually both respond when they are called upon. 

It can create a lot of confusion for you. Hence, you can choose to change the Wake Word. 

Unfortunately, you do not have that many options. But, you can still change the word to like “Amazon,” “Echo,” or “Computer” as your vocal cue instead. Just visit the Devices tab and tap on the Wake Word. There are several other interesting Amazon Echo tips that can help you get acquainted with the dot.

Read on to learn more.

You Can Listen to Audible Books & other Publications from Kindle

Have you signed up for an audible account to listen to your favorite audiobooks?

You can now do so, all thanks to the ultimate Alexa powered by Amazon. Just put on your favorite Bluetooth or WiFi headphones and ask Alexa to pull up your favorite book from your audible account. 

Just say, “Alexa, read me my book” and the playback of your current Audible book will resume. 

The app is capable to organize your audible books in a list as well. You can ask your Echo device to show you the covers too if you want to. 

Are you a Kindle user? 

You can also listen to your favorite books on Kindle too with the help of Amazon Alexa. 

All you have to say is, “Alexa, read my Kindle book.” 

The Echo will automatically pick-up where you stopped reading the book on your Kindle and start an audio-podcast for you to listen. To check which books Alexa can read, simply access the Alexa app, go to Music, then Video & Books ad tap on the Kindle option. It will show the complete list of books. 

Only this time, Alexa will read the book to you and you can’t enjoy the sweet savories of emotions. 

Afraid of the Dark? Use Alexa Home Assistant as a Night Light

And when the blue ring on your Alexa device shines up, you know where your Echo is lying around in the room. But, signaling where the device is kept isn’t the only thing Alexa is good for. Do you know your personal smart home assistant can become your perfect companion in the dark? 

Using different colors and patterns, Alexa can indicate a lot of things. It can tell you whether you have missed a message or if the mic is turned on or off. 

If you want to turn on the Night Light on your Amazon Alexa, all you have to do is issue a command by saying, “Alexa, open Night Light for one hour” or you can set the time for it for as long as you wish.  

The device will continously show a blue light to keep you company in the dark. 

If it starts irritating you, just say, “Alexa stop.” And the light will automatically shut down for the best. 

Want to Make an Important Call? Make Use of Alexa Home Assistant

Another great use of Alexa is that you can make calls to other people and talk to them. However, it is important that your recipient also has an Echo or Alexa smartphone app. Then all you have to do is dial up the digits and Alexa will check whether the recipient on the other end has an Echo or the app.  

Just hit on the chat bubble located at the bottom of the app. And the recipient will be added to list. 

Now, simply call up your newly added recipient by the name. For example, if you want to call mom, 

Say, “Alexa, Call Mom.” 

In fact, you can also answer an incoming call on your Echo device by just saying, “Alexa, answer.”  

Set Reminders for Alexa Home Assistant to Remind You Stuff You Need to Do

With Alexa, you won’t require to jot down your schedule using a pen or paper. In fact, you can set your schedule by telling Alexa what you are planning to do in the coming hours of the day. 

For example, if you want to bake cookies at 4 PM in the evening, you can ask Alexa to schedule it by saying, 

“Alexa, remind me that I want to bake cookies at 4 PM today.” and Alexa will set your schedule. 

And when the clock ticks 4 PM in the Alexa, it will light up and give you a gentle reminder. 

Not that Good in Calculating Numbers? Let Alexa Help You with That

Planning to perform a sum but can’t access the calculator on your smartphone device? Why not make use of Alexa. If you have a rather large set of numbers that you wish to calculate, you can calculate them by asking your Echo device. Just say, “Alexa multiply 5 by 43” and it will tell the answer instantly.

In fact, it can do pretty long equations involving different mathematical functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots, powers, and even factorials. 

Even though the answers might just not be completely correct but they are approximately close to it. 

So here they are, some of the best uses of Alexa. Do you own an Alexa device at your home? We would love to hear if you have any other interesting suggestions. Kindly, hit us up with the new uses. 

Demi Jenkins

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