Apple Watch: 7 Innovative Settings that can Change your Game

Does it irk you also to be constantly nagged by Siri, the automatic installation of apps on your Watch, the continuous reminders, and the accidental screenshots piling up in your Camera Roll? 

If yes, then you need not worry, for we have all the solutions that might better your Apple Watch just the way you want it to be. Whether you have an Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch 6, or even Series 3, they all have the same WatchOS 7 software.

Agreeing with you, holding the said Watch and going through it for the first time can be a lot to take in. Still, it does not have to stay this way because you can mold your settings up to your likings, be it the gigantic amount of apps staring right back at you or the default settings of your Activity log. Here are seven game-changing settings that can make your Apple Watch an easier use than ever.

Too Many Random Screenshots:

Pressing the Digital Crown and side button together, and here we have a screenshot of the Apple Watch screen. As manageable and convenient as this might seem, it can be a handful of annoyances if you keep doing it fortuitously, filling up your Gallery.

To get rid of this problem, you can open your Settings application on your Watch or the Watch applications on your phone, go to General, scroll down to Enable Screenshots, and turn it off. There you have a random screenshot free Camera Roll.

Easier Application Access:

As beautiful as the Apple Watch’s grid looks, it can be a little difficult to find desired apps on it. You can make it easier by putting your grid in ListView.

For that, you can visit the Settings on your Watch or Watch app and tap on App View > List View. You can now view your apps in an Alphabetical manner when you press the Digital Crown when to leave the watch face.

Disable Automatic App Installation:

You install an app on your phone, and it’s automatically installed in your Apple Watch, causing the grid to fill up fairly quicker than thought about?

To stop that, open Settings in your Watch or Watch app, go straight to General and find Automatic App Install and turn it Off. 

And if you want some apps on your Watch, you can open the Watch app on your phone and install the available app given at the bottom.

Abrupt Appearance Of Siri:

There is more than one particular way to activate Siri on the Apple Watch. Long-pressing the Digit Crown, using the wake-up phrase “Hey Siri,” or simply raising your Watch to your mouth and speaking are the easy, simple ways to do so. 

All these can often summon Siri without it being intended. To cease this, you can go to Settings on your Watch or the Watch app on your phone, tap on Siri and turn Off whichever option you want, and Siri would no longer bother you.

Constant Breathe Reminders:

Find repetitive reminders to take a moment to Breathe unnecessarily?

In your Apple Watch App, find the Breathe app and Turn notifications off, and you’re free from the reminders.

Your Activity Log, Your Ways:

A new option was added to the Activity log to edit your goals, to stand and work out according to your choices after the release of WatchOS 7.

To manage it, open the Activity app on your Watch and tap on Edit Goals. Make your necessary changes and close all three rings accordingly. And you’re done.

Control Centre Management:

Want to manage the Control Centre?

Tap on Edit at the bottom of the Control Centre list, and all the icons will begin to jiggle with a red minus on top. Move the icons focusing on your needs and remove some by tapping on the minus button; when complete, tap on Done or press the Digital Crown, and it will be all.

There is more to Apple Watch than just checking out notifications, like the ECG app and customize watch faces. One should thoroughly enjoy its benefits.

Demi Jenkins

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