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Amazon Review Checker: Best Tools and Chrome Extensions For Sellers

The problem of fake reviews on Amazon goes back years and poses quite a dilemma for sellers. Till 2016, sellers were allowed by Amazon to give away free merchandise to customers in exchange for unbiased reviews. Such giveaways helped sellers gain positive reviews, promote their offerings across new audiences, and garner traction on their products. This makes sense because in a buyer-centric platform like Amazon, reviews are a tipping point for making purchasing decisions and 80% customers are more likely to buy from sellers who have more positive reviews. Sales went up quickly and everybody came out a winner, well everyone except the buyers.

Soon, Amazon was forced to prohibit paid reviews due to the proliferation of review manipulation. However, all it did was push the entire illegal activity underground. Sellers started tarnishing the reputation of their competitors with fake review, buying fake reviews, and manipulating search rankings on Amazon, in addition to all sort of illegal activities. Do you know that at any point, competitors can write negative and fake reviews to discredit your products, services, and business?

 As a matter of fact, fake reviews destroy buyer trust, which is why they are the biggest threat to Amazon’s entire operating system. This is one of the greatest reasons that buyers have already started losing faith in Amazon reviews, which is affecting sellers who operate honestly and legally. This is where an Amazon review checker tool can help sellers and buyers alike in distinguishing fake reviews and guard your business against negative reputation. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will want to use an Amazon Review Checker to truly figure out which reviews are fake, and which are legitimate.

What is an Amazon Review Checker? 

With over 4.5 billion customers worldwide, Amazon makes up 70% of online shopping in the United States alone. With millions of buyers and sellers making that many transactions on a daily basis, there is bound to be an influx of new reviews every day. Some of these writings (reviews) may be negative while others are positive.  Because it is impossible to read and analyze the voluminous bulk of reviews manually, you may need an application that will scrutinize each and every review and report the negative ones. While it is hardly in wise measure to delete negative reviews, spotting them timely will help you pacify the customer who is unsatisfied, and you might be able to improve service.    

An Amazon review checker will help buyers and sellers distinguish fake reviews from real ones and enhance their shopping experience. With the advancement in fake review buying, even verified purchases cannot be trusted to comment on a product’s quality. An amazon review checker will analyze all aspects of a review to determine whether it is from a legitimate buyer or from a suspicious source. It analyzes all the data available about the review and present a hypothesis about the review accuracy. Although review checkers are not 100% accurate, they are a good measure of the overall validation of the reviews.

How does An Amazon Review Checker Work? 

All Amazon review checkers rely on the same algorithm that Amazon uses to uncover suspicious activity surrounding product ratings. Some shady activities that trigger a red alarm include not having verified purchases, posting very short and obscure reviews with either a 5 star or 1-star ratings, posting too many reviews from the same account or frequent posting in a very short span of time. If the review checker picks up on any of these factors, it scrutinizes the real content of those reviews to judge whether they are real or fake.

In addition, if the review checker notices a review that is not pertaining to the products or offerings of the seller, it notifies them immediately. For instance, if the buyer gave a bad review because they had a problem with the product shipment or experienced a delay in delivery, the fault usually lies with Amazon’s service and not the seller. The seller has every right to nitpick such reviews and dispute for their removal. Review checkers also do the task of removing these reviews. So, a worthwhile Amazon review checker not only detects and suspends fraudulent activity, it also protects the reputation of your business.

Most review checkers are quite easy to use. You usually copy the Amazon affiliate URLs of the products you want to check for reviews and paste them to the review checker. Then click summarize and the review checker will chafe out the negative reviews from positive ones.

Best Amazon Review Checker Tools For Buyers And Sellers

To fight off the rising threat of negative fake reviews, these Amazon review checker tools will help you identify any fake review and report it. Let’s take a look at some of the best Amazon product review checker tools currently on the market.

1.      Fakespot

Fakespot is one of the best Amazon Review Checker for eliminating fake reviews and helping sellers uncover counterfeit activity on their page. Buyers can also benefit from this amazing tool to make sure they are only reading legitimate reviews from real buyers before making a purchase decision. Fakespot relies on artificial intelligence to analyze patterns in reviews, which is usually an indicator of whether a review is fake or genuine. Fakespot technology has the capability to analyze millions of product reviews in a noticeably short span of time, looking for incentivized and suspicious reviews. Free and easy to use, this tool helps you weed off negative reviews from your site and increase sales volume.

2.      ReviewMeta

This free to use Amazon review checker helps root out all negative and fake reviews that can tarnish the reputation of your business and aids consumers in understanding all about reviews. In essence, this amazing tool leverages a statistical modelling technique to distinguish the variance of discrepancies between the review ratings. The app works by gathering publicly available review data from Amazon, and deeply analyzes the accounts of reviewers. As most fake accounts and bot usually reveal a telltale sign of paid review, the algorithm can detect and generate a report based on that, which is then sent to the user in an easy to understand manner. There is no algorithm bias and every product is judged in the same manner. The app can scan thousands of reviews at a time and spot anything unusual.

3.      The Review Index

While its main job is to aggregates product reviews for technical products from Amazon, this app is one of the best Amazon review checker as well.  This Amazon review checker app capitalizes on neural networks to detect and quantify recurring review patterns. Basically, you copy the URL of the Amazon product page you want to verify and paste it in the Review Index. The app then parses individual words from the reviews and breaks down the product review based on keywords. In addition, the tool runs a spam checker on the page as well to verify if the reviews received by the page are fake or genuine. Based on the results, it assigns a pass or fail grade to each review.  For instance, If you analyze a lawnmower on amazon, the tool does a breakdown of each review received by the product based on the price, functionality, and reliability of the mower. The app categorizes the aspects of the lawnmower from negative to positive. If many users have issues regarding the reliability of a particular product for instance, the app will rate only the reliability of the product as an issue. This application has the capacity to analyze and report thousands of reviews in a minute, and rightly determines whether the score of a product has been boosted by fake reviews.

4.       CamelCamelCamel

This free app works with producers and businesses that are Amazon affiliates. The tool’s primary job is to alert you when it notices a drop in product prices. They also own another free hotel price tracker to know the prices of the different prices that were sold.

5.      The AMZ Finder 

AZM finder came out as a lifesaver for sellers. This application serves several functions geared towards identifying and coping with negative reviews. This features helps sellers maintain a 4-star or above rating on Amazon as well as other marketplaces, which in turn boosts sales. Anytime the app detects a review of less than 4-stars, it notifies the seller immediately. This enables them to take timely action in contacting the buyer to find out what issue they are facing and resolve it as soon as possible. Positive engagement of this sort cements seller-buyer relationships and helps sellers maintain a credible reputation amongst customers. The app has a clear interface and displays information in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, it generates a daily email report against orders so that buyers can deal with negative reviews in a timely manner before they tarnish their reputation.

6.      Merch Check

This handy chrome extension allows you to check the copyright of phrases and words. Any phrases or words typed are checked against the (TESS) database of officially registered trademarks. If any review matches your products trademark, app notices quickly and finds out if it’s a replica of your trademark used on another’s company’s products or copy paste.

7.      Appbot

This tool was initially designed to monitor and deal with reviews on Amazon, windows, Google, and i-tunes. The tool works by grouping all the reviews on your website based on custom categories, which makes it easier to analyze all the reviews on your website. The app uses iOS app review and Appbot Google Play review to offer flexibility in reporting, monitoring, and tracking your online store. Appbot closely scrutinizes your platforms and alerts you of any changes in sentiment, review volume and star rating. It fetches all reviews from your platform into a single source.

8.      BQool 

This tool works by gathering and organizing all reviews that your product has received in the past 90 years. By setting an alert notification, you can stay alert upon publication of any review about your business. If you respond to negative reviews in a timely manner and resolve customer issues, you can turn negative reviews around to become advantageous to your business. The automated email feature of this website helps you respond to issues in a timely manner, so that customers learn to trust your business.

9.      ProductReviewMonitoring

This product was designed on the principle that sellers need to listen carefully and monitor what is being said about their business. The Amazon review checker tool works by tracking a product and scouting various platform for all reviews about the product. The tool then creates a collected result and rates the authenticity of a product based on genuine reviews. If there are any reviews that need to be responded to, the seller is immediately notified. Since its launch, the app has been focusing on automating customer feedback or reviews, so that they can be dealt with In time.

10. SellerWit

A brainchild of talented software developers, this review checker tool is designed with modules that enable online selling with intelligence. With SellerWit, you can monitor any negative or neutral feedback left on your account by allowing email alerts immediately they have been published. Not to mention, the app lets you gather all the details as to the time and date of purchase, any returns made, and when the original sale was made. This data improves the ability of the app to separate negative and positive feedback.

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