Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Is Your Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working? Here are the Causes & Reasons

Does it really annoy you when you’re watching your favorite movie on your FireStick device and your Remote stops working mid-way? Well, if that’s the case with you then here is an article that will help you resolve your problem in a jiffy. We all get tired of pressing that pause button endlessly and yet it breaks our heart when nothing really happens. Whether it’s a volume button or a home button or some other navigation button, if it isn’t working on our remote device, it is more or less killing the whole fun. 

In case, if you’re planning to just unplug the power supply in hopes of rebooting the device to fix the problem, just hold on for a second. Even if it reboots, there is a 50% chance the remote may not work. 

And if it doesn’t, the best way to make sure that it starts working again is to find the cause behind it and find a particular way to fix that problem. 

Reasons Why Amazon Fire Stick Remote May Have Stopped Working

There are plenty of reasons why your Amazon Fire Stick remote can stop working. 

  • Batteries May Not Be Working
  • Remote is Not Properly Paired
  • Remote Button May Not be Working
  • Remote isn’t Compatible with Device
  • Remote Must be Damaged

Reason # 1: Batteries May Not Be Working

Amazon Fire Stick remotes are one power-hungry devices which readily consume batteries. One of the reasons why your Fire Stick remote has stopped working can be drained out batteries. If a remote isn’t working, there is a major possibility that the batteries on the remote are dried up and need changing. 

Why do FireStick remotes consume so much battery? Now, this is still a myth that still needs exploring. Maybe, it is because FireStick remotes connect with the Amazon Alexa and works through voice command technology. Or maybe, it is just designed in such a way that it consumes high power. 

One way or the other, the only solution to this problem is to purchase some good quality alkaline batteries. Good quality alkaline batteries ensure that your Amazon Fire Stick remote run smoothly for longer hours and does not encounter any working problem any time soon. Buy a reputed brand like Duracell. 

Now, when you purchase a battery make sure that you do not get yourself the rechargeable ones. It’s because rechargeable batteries are short-lived and if not manufactured correctly, you will see white substance deposit around the connectors. It shows that your rechargeable battery is badly damaged. 

Hence, always sought out for a one-time use batteries if it’s an alkaline one & always keep a spare. 

Reason # 2: Remote is Not Properly Paired

Normally, Fire Stick remotes come pre-configured with your Fire Stick device. However, just in case, if it is not, then you will have to pair the Fire Stick Remote separately. One of the reasons why your Fire Stick Remote does not function properly is because maybe it is not appropriately paired with the device. Therefore, you can follow these simple steps to ensure that your device is properly paired: 

  1. Plug in FireStick into HDMI port of your TV.
  2. Power on both FireStick and your TV.
  3. When FireStick boots up, hold down the ‘Home’ button on the remote for at least 10 seconds.
  4. This will pair the Amazon FireStick remote and it must start working.

Still doesn’t work fine? Hold down the home button for at least 10-20 seconds. In most cases, it will get the jobs done. In this way, you won’t have to repeat this process constantly over and over again. 

Do you know that Amazon Fire Stick can be connected up to 7 Bluetooth devices at a similar instance? Some times, your remote can fail to perform just because it is connected to an unknown Bluetooth device. Hence, you should check and at least disconnect one of them to make the device work for you. 

To disconnect one of the devices from Bluetooth, follow these steps carefully. 

  1. Select Settings from the FireStick home screen. Settings option is on the top menu bar
  2. Open Controllers & Bluetooth Devices on the next screen
  3. You will see the list of all the connected devices. Just choose the device you wish to unpair and follow the onscreen instructions.

Sometimes, the reconnection process can take up a few tries. It may not work the first time, so you may have to try the second and third time. Disconnect more devices until your remote gets connected. 

Reason # 3: Remote Button May Not be Working

If a button does not work on your Fire Stick remote, it’s usually because the remote is not properly paired with your Fire Stick device. If it isn’t paired, try pairing your device by holding down the Home.

Still doesn’t work? Time to reset your remote so it finally does work. 

To reset your remote, follow these essential steps: 

  1. Disconnect your FireStick from the power source (either unplug the adapter from the power outlet or from the FireStick device)
  2. Now hold down the following buttons (all of them together) for at least 20 seconds:

– Back button

– Menu button

– Left part of the navigation ring

  1. Remove the batteries from the back of the remote
  2. Power your Fire Stick device and wait for the home screen to appear
  3. Now, put the batteries back inside the Fire Stick remote 
  4. Wait at least for a couple of minutes
  5. Your Fire Stick remote may have already got paired. If not, then hold down the Home button for at least 10-20 seconds. 

Remember: This method will not reset the remote to factory settings. It will only reset your remote so it starts working on your current device. 

Reason # 4: Remote isn’t Compatible with Device

If you have purchased the remote from somewhere outside, then there’s a strong chance it might not work with your current Fire Stick device. Reason is there are several decent in-house third-party remotes which can work greatly with the FireStick & Fire TV devices without seeing any such difficulty. 

Besides, Amazon Fire Stick is a versatile device which can use other third-party game controller as remotes. If there is an out-house remote you are using and is compatible with Amazon products, it will connect. But for how long is a question that I can’t ascertain. Some are designed to work with the Fire TV others aren’t. There are cheap replicas of the original remote which might have connectivity issues. 

Hence, before you make a purchase from a third-party supplier, do verify the authenticity of the seller. 

Reason # 5: Remote Must be Damaged

Have you tried resetting your remote? Have you changed the batteries? If the remote is still not working, then there is a chance that the remote is damaged. It’s time to consider buying a new one. 

If you want to replace your current remote, you can order a replacement remote which will only cost you $10. Search them up on Amazon and you will easily find a good replacement remote to use. 

Besides, there are plenty of other options. You can find good remote with good customizability options. There’s one which has a dedicated button for running Netflix and other apps as well. 

Remember: Custom remotes are not from Amazon directly. These remotes can be third-party remotes sold by individual merchants. So before you purchase, check out the ratings of the seller. Anything rated 4+ is a great merchant to make a purchase. 

What is the Best Way to Resolve this Problem? 

This could happen with any of us who own a Fire Stick device and a remote. If that’s the case, then I think I have some powerful generic solutions for you. Hopefully, it can help you out once and for all.

Minimize the distance between the Amazon Fire Stick remote and the Fire Stick device. The minimum distance between you and the device should be at least 10 ft. You can increase or decrease by 2 ft. distance between yourself and the device based on your living room environment. If you have a large room or a big hall, then I suggest that you find a position which will allow you to sit in direct range. 

One thing that you need to understand about the FireStick remote is that this device connects via Bluetooth. It does not require any infrared waves like other television remotes. It means that it is not necessary that you should be in the line of sight of the device. You can sit just about in any direction to use it. However, it is not advised that you keep the device in a cabinet or someplace which can obstruct the signals. It should be out in the open in order to give you a reception free of problems. 

Make sure that you do not keep too many electrical devices near the FireStick. A great number of electronic devices will create deep hindrances in the connectivity of the FireStick device. As a result, electronic waves will create hindrance and interference within the signal and disturb the connectivity. 

Do You Know About the FireStick Remote App?

If you have tried all the possible solutions suggested above and still you are unable to make the Amazon Fire TV remote work? How about if I tell you that you can download an app to help you. 

Even if your remote is failing to work, you can still access your FireStick device without one. And, in order to do so, the only thing which you will ever need is an Amazon Fire TV Remote App. 

With the app, you can easily transform your smartphone into a full-fledged remote device. This device allows you to control your FireStick device using your smartphone using an app on Android/iOS. 

You can download the app easily from the play store or Apple store. If you’ve lost your remote and you don’t want to miss out on your favorite TV shows, then simply download the app and use it with your FireStick device. Just make sure when you do so, your device stays connected with a Wi-Fi network. 

Attention: Important Notice for Amazon Fire Stick Users

Do not forget that your IP is visible to everyone. ISPs and governments are constantly monitoring their respective users online. They are going through every activity which you perform over the Internet. 

In case, if you’re found streaming any data which is part of copyrighted content on your Fire Stick TV, you can automatically fall into a trap. You will be identified by them and will be sanctioned equally. 

Currently, the IP which you are using to access the Internet is a public IP. 

However, when you are able to recommend any good FireStick VPN, then hide your identity so that your movie viewing experience gets a whole lot better and it doesn’t take any sort of the wrong turn. 

You can use a VPN service like One VPN or Pure VPN which can completely mask your identity. Once, you’re hidden then I am sure nobody can detect your IP. You may experience slow speed but it is usually because your service is getting rerouted from the US or any other data center of your choice. 

In the End

Most of the time, it’s just the batteries. So, don’t you worry if it isn’t working fine, all you have to do is change the batteries? The remote simply drains out the battery much quicker than you can expect. 

Henceforth, it is best if you always keep a spare with you. Just to be safe, do download the app on your mobile phone. So, if you can’t find the remote, you can always have the option to use the phone. 

In this article, I have discussed every single possibility of how FireStick Remote can stop working. Did you enjoy reading the article? Was it good and informative? Do let us know in the comments below. 

Demi Jenkins

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