Tik Tok Downloads Just Passed the 2 Billion Dollar Threshold!

It comes as no surprise how the online world is transforming. 

Just over a decade ago, we only had a couple of social media platforms. Having your own personal profile on Facebook was good enough to explain that you have an online presence on the Internet. 

However, with the passage of time, new entrants stepped into the market which allowed users to go more diverse with their social media activities. We saw the emergence of platforms like Snapchat and Instagram which allowed countless individuals to maintain online galleries and engage with videos. 

And as time passed on, there came a new wave of new applications. 

We are now entering 2020 and even in this era of global crisis, where the pandemic outbreak has caused almost the entire world to come to a complete business shutdown, we are surprised to reveal how some social media platforms compared to others have taken a leap forward. 

It was only 5 months earlier that I heard that the infamous entertainment social media platform Tik Tok had more than 1.5 million downloads. And now 5 months down the line, I was surprised to learn that the platform now has over 2 billion downloads. Data accumulated from both, the GooglePlay Store and Apple App Store reveals these massive statistics which left my mind really boggled.

It started making me ponder what made Tik Tok such a powerful platform for consumers and led me to do a bit of my own research. And I learned a few interesting things about why it’s becoming a fad. 

Here’s Why Tik Tok is Becoming the New Fad? 

As the world goes into lockdown, the use of the app has significantly spiked bringing more than a ton of users to the app every day. We observe that more than thousands of videos are getting published. 

But here’s the big question? What’s making the app such a favored option among individuals? 

Launched back in 2016 under the supervision of a Chinese firm called Bytedance, the short video clip app took the Internet by storm. From the start, the app stood a class apart from the rest of the app because of its noticeable call to actions, and addictive entertainment value for the younger generation. And in the year 2017, when went viral, the brains at work at Bytedance made the decision of purchasing the app and acquiring all of its audience which benefited Tik Tok greatly.

In just the first quarter of 2020, we observed that the app gathered a total of 300 million users. And there’s certainly no denying the fact that the app gained this significance because of the coronavirus.   

These numbers were confirmed in a report published by the Sensor Tower. 

Apparently, the report further sheds light that most of the downloads for the app comes from India. Out of the 2 billion installations that Tik Tok observes, 600 million comes directly from India alone. 

So what’s making the app such a fad among the younger generation and the answer is simple, It’s fun. 

From lip-syncing to different challenges, from showing dance moves to doing crazy stupid things, you can find a lot of funny content that can help you keep your dopamine level up and your mind safe. 

The platform is highly interactive and has a tendency to grasp the audience’s attention. Before you know it, you will find yourself laughing your head off on crazy new stars posting weird stuff on it. 

Indians are already spending a great chunk of their lives on the Tik Tok app. An assessment revealed that the total time for the Indian community on the video-sharing app is around 5.5 billion hours. 

With the rise in the popularity of this app, brands are also planning to create their own profiles on it. Recently, I learned that the famous smartphone company Apple also has a profile now on Tik Tok. 

Back in 2014, when Instagram and Messenger were quite the fad, the record was broken by WhatsApp which emerged at the same time and took the Internet by storm. And after that, we didn’t see any app breaking a billion thresholds but with Tik Tok now, the world is now seeing a new trend growing fast. 

It’s just a matter of months when you start seeing brands cashing up businesses on the platform. 

Did you happen to install the TikTok app amid the pandemic? What are your thoughts on the new app?

Feel free to share it with us. 

Ashad Ubaid

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