5 Ways To Responsibly Grow your Business

When growing your business, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Once you launch your business, the hard work to establish a good foundation and grow your business begins. Whether you are selling a product or a service it is important to consider the following things in order to expand your business and avoid failure.

Create Online Presence

Nowadays if you don’t have easily accessible information about your business online, it will be challenging to grow your business. Start by making a website. There are many easy-to-use already-coded website templates online that you can use to create a website with all of the necessary information potential customers may be looking for. Include pages that tell your brand story, your mission, vision, and values statements, and consider adding an about us page and information about how you started. Include photos, and information about key employees at the company, so consumers can relate to who they will communicate with at your company. 

Once you have a website, focus on social media. People go to social media for information about stores and if you don’t have a web presence you will lose potential customers. Create fresh and interactive content for both your website and Facebook and Instagram profiles that will draw customers in.

Automate Email Campaigns

When you have customers check out your website, prompt them with messages to join the company email list and get notifications of specials or new products. You don’t necessarily need to provide a reward for asking them to join, but you could suggest that joining your email list will provide first-access alerts about upcoming sales. Once you have customers’ information from a prompted message on the website, if users sign up for your newsletter or sale information, add them to an automated email campaign. Creating email campaigns will help you make your customers feel valued as they are in the know about all things your business is offering while bringing traffic back to your site

Email campaigns allow you to focus on customer experience while building the sales funnel. You can create different campaigns such as ones that remind potential customers of what is in their cart, celebrate their birthdays if that is a part of the form they fill out, and disclose when upcoming sales are happening, and if new products or services are added. 

Form Meaningful Partnerships

In order to grow your business, it is important to get your name out there and show your leadership. Creating meaningful partnerships is one of the best ways to do that. Find a company that you share common interests with and are somewhat related to and ask them if they would be willing to partner together for a specific project. This way you can reach a whole new level of potential customers through their audience’s reach. For example, if you sell specific products that align with certain vendors you could ask to partner with them by including your product on their sites. 

There are other ways to partner with businesses for a short period of time. On social media, you could launch a giveaway where you partner with brands that all share the same values, for example, eco-friendly products, and create a one-time partnership in the form of a giveaway.

Exercise Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic partnerships can be both in the same niche as your business or can show your attentiveness to social corporate responsibility. Now more than ever we are seeing conscience consumers. Customers want to support companies that are working towards the greater good. One way to grow your business is to demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility. Recognize the impact your business has on its community and consider how you can offset some of the potential negative impacts you could be creating. 

Whether you are donating 1% of sales to a nonprofit serving the community or creating a commitment to make a difference, your business’s loyalty will grow with a clear social impact cause. In order to grow your business you need to consider how you will be socially responsible for yourself, your employees, and the public.

Diversify Your Offerings  

Once you’ve successfully sold your main product or service, think about what else you can offer and how you can expand from your initial endeavor to grow your business. Focus on a product that you’ve seen successful sales in and continue to grow that product line. Start by doing market research and looking for new products or services that fit your target market and their needs. Think about if there are products that can be used as an accessory to your main product. This will allow you to make a surplus of various cash flows instead of just having one main income stream. Diversify the ways that your product or service can be sold, whether that is in a new subscription format or in bundles. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are many useful ways to grow your business. Start by creating an online presence because in today’s market most customers go straight online when searching for a product. Creating automated email campaigns will not only retain customers but keep them feeling valued and in the loop. Try to form meaningful partnerships with other businesses to grow your brand awareness and business as a whole. Use your company’s voice to support something bigger than itself, and in turn, your customers will want to support your business’s growth. Finally, once you’ve successfully proven your product market fit for your original product or service, think about how you can diversify your offerings. Taking all of these tips into account when growing your business will lead you to success.

Demi Jenkins

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