5 Automation Solutions Which Can Help You Save Precious Time in 2023

Do you prefer being productive? Do you like to multi-task a lot? In case, you like to multi-task and you’re the kind of person who loves productivity, then you’re either fooling yourself or you’re just doing everything half-heartedly. Productivity without quality, isn’t a healthy form of productivity.  

Our minds aren’t designed to handle two-high level tasks at the same instance. Even if you’re high on coffee, you won’t actually be able to perform multiple tasks at the same time. You can only focus on a single high level task at an instance. We just aren’t built to absorb everything in at once. 

What should a person do when he finds himself tackling different tasks at the same time? Seek help. Help can come in multiple ways. You can get help from a colleague or a family member or you can get assistance through a technology such as automation or even a hyper-automation tool. Automation tools are incredible. These smart tools are carefully designed to make life easier for you. Zapiers’ survey which was conducted in the year 2023 reveals more than 64% of people have already shifted to automation. 

Since, many individuals have already adopted automation, there’s no doubt that there’s also enough room for you too. Are you exhausted from performing repetitive tasks or juggling multiple tasks at once? How about you add the following 5 automation tools in your tech stack & achieve big. 

5 Automation Solutions Which Can Help You Save Precious Time


Do you want to let the Internet manage most of your manual tasks? IFTTT is one such tool to offer you that and much more. It has room for thousands of combinations called applets with IFTTT. You create a way to manage weather, date, stocks, time, sending SMS messages or make phone calls. You can use it to archive all your tweets to Google Docs or Evernote. You can perform other smart file research, update social media and do a whole lot more things with IFTTT. The program is fully compatible with iOS and Android which makes it quite the amazing option for app users. 

Fresh Desk

If you are searching for a cloud-based customer support software, Fresh Desk is an interesting app. Here’s a great tool which allows you to track the incoming support from multiple tickets incoming from multiple channels in your inbox. It also ensures that no two agents end up handling a single lead. With Fresh Desk, agents can easily automate repetitive tasks such as ticket assigning and ticket completing. You can auto-assign emails, perform quick chats and make calls. With Fresh Desk, you can have a feature-rich sales experience and track resolution times accordingly.

The Email Game

Are you tired of sending out too many unwanted emails? Do you want an automation tool which can help gamify your gmail experience? Do you want to save your precious time by automating emails? The Email Game is a great tool which allows you to perform bulk email processing and award points along the way. Now respond to emails more quickly and effectively as the clock counts down. Who knew responding to emails will help you score points where you can share scores via social media. It makes emailing a whole lot more fun, efficient and productive task.

Managing a lot of emails can get really confusing. If you find yourself circling through a lot of subscription emails and you want to organize them all in one place, is one tool that can help organize all your subscription emails in one place. Now whether you want to pull up a blog subscription or you want to check new promotions, can allow you to specify and take care of that email. No more going through the email clutter to find the specific email which you’re searching. You can also combine with The Email Game and Sane Later to get the ultimate inbox workflow. 


Make task management easy with Droptask through a visual representation. Droptask allows you to organize tasks using a drag and drop feature. You can also easily group them all in a centralized place. Getting late on deadlines? Take actionable steps using colourful schemes. Organize all of the important tasks in a group and view them altogether. Now track deadlines, activities and perform other things using a creative approach. Droptask offers an easy-to-navigate editor making task management incredibly easier for the creatively minded. No more need to brainstorm, just break down your important tasks into useful chunks and make the most out of it. 

In conclusion, automation solutions offer immense value for your business, revolutionizing time management and operational efficiency. By leveraging automated processes, businesses can streamline repetitive tasks, optimize workflows, manage clients, and enhance overall productivity. These solutions empower organizations to redirect valuable resources towards strategic initiatives, innovation, and customer-centric activities. Embracing automation is not merely about saving time; it’s about gaining a competitive edge in the market, improving scalability, and achieving sustainable growth. As businesses navigate the digital landscape, harnessing the power of automation becomes paramount for success, paving the way for increased profitability, streamlined operations, and a stronger market position. The future of software and business lies in embracing automation and maximizing every moment to drive excellence and achieve business objectives.

Demi Jenkins

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